Senator Joe Manchin Unexpectedly Supports Biden's Environment and Tax Proposals

To everyone's surprise, a senator from the Democratic Party who has been a constant political headache for the White House has announced his support for President Joe Biden's top priority. 

Joe Manchin has stated his support for a bill that would increase corporations' taxes to combat climate change and reduce the cost of healthcare. 

West Virginians had previously voiced opposition to the plan due to concerns that increased spending would have a negative impact on inflation. 

If the bill were to pass, it would represent a significant legislative victory for Mr. Biden. 

The Democrats, who are fighting to keep control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections in November, could get a much-needed electoral boost if he is able to save a central plank of his domestic agenda. 

The president proclaimed, "If enacted, this legislation will be historic." 

Mr. Manchin offered few specifics in a joint statement released with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday night.