Two Ex-officers Who Restrained George Floyd Sentenced to 3 Years and 3.5 Years in Federal Prison

nI February, Kueng and Thao were found guilty of civil rights violations for holding down Floyd's torso and a group of bystanders, respectively, and for failing to intervene to arrest coworker Derek Chauvin during restraint. 

Four police officers who assisted in restraining Floyd in May 2020 have also been given prison terms. 

Thomas Lane, the man who held down Floyd's legs, was found guilty of a federal charge and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison last week.  

The judge, Paul A. Magnuson, justified the lengthy sentence by pointing to Lane's "minimal role" in the incident.  

Chauvin, the main perpetrator, pleaded guilty to violating Floyd's civil rights and another civil rights violation and was given a 21-year sentence to be served concurrently with his 22.5-year sentence for state murder. 

Prosecutors had requested that Kueng and Thao be given sentences that were "significantly more" severe than the range applicable to Lane but less severe than Chauvin's. 

The defense for Thao requested a sentence of 2 years, while Kueng's recommendation was filed under seal.