Report on the Uvalde School Massacre Identifies "Systemic Failings" in Law Enforcement Actions

A horrific report found that state and federal police had been largely responsible for the Uvalde faculty massacre that cost the lives of 21 people. 

The Texas House investigation found that when local officers were overwhelmed, the more experienced and prepared responders did not step in and take control. 

According to the file, almost 400 people were present that day and should have helped with the "unfolding chaos." 

This included 149 US Border Patrol agents and 91 state police. 

The report criticized them for putting their own safety before that of innocent bystanders. 

The 77-page report was extremely critical of "system failures and egregiously poor decision making" on the part of those in authority during the May 24 attack. 

It was released around noon on Sunday when families of the victims met with police to review the report and watch surveillance footage of the shooting at the school.