Yes, ‘Paper Girls’ Has Kids on Bikes in the Eighties — But It’s No ‘Stranger Things’ Rip-Off

So let's get this out of the way: Even though the Duffer Brothers' Stranger Things debuted on Netflix in 2016, the debut of the Image comic Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang occurred in 2015. 

Neither group is the first to attempt Amblincore; this is a term I coined to describe the recent onslaught of media that pays homage to the groundbreaking work of two guys named Ste(ph/v)en, who revolutionized the film industry in the 1980s. 

Paper Girls does not take place in the 1980s as some have claimed; the story opens in 1988.  

Our young heroes are true children of the 1980s; in one scene, Erin (Riley Lai Nelet), an aspiring United States senator, dreams that she is debating Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Mac (Sofia Rosinsky) holds her brother's worn-out Walkman and carefully compiled mixtape in the highest regard (shout out to Danzig).  

However, by the end of the pilot, they have been swept up in a conflict of the future and dumped into 2019 like Dorothy.  

It's not a secret that the year 1988 will not be visited upon the show again until much later in the first season.