Westworld Season 4: Everything To Know So Far

Westworld is a Science Fiction American Dystopian and Western television drama created by Lisa Roy and Jonathan Nolan. It is inspired by the movie of the same name that was released in the year 1973 directed and written by Michael Crichton. The series is produced by HBO.  The story revolves around an imaginary Wild West-themed amusement park that is covered by android hosts. 

The first season of the series telecasted the first episode on the 2nd of October 2016 and the last episode on the 4th of December 2016. Thereafter, HBO announced the renewal of the series renewed for a second season in November 2016 that is before the broadcast of the last episode of season one. The second season premiered its first episode on 22nd April 2018 and last on 24th June 2018. HBO had the largest viewership after the release of the Westworld series. It was the first series whose first season was watched by the highest number of viewers on HBO.  The third season of the series released its first episode on 15th March 2020 and last on 3rd May 2020. HBO had announced the renewal of the series for a fourth season in April 2020. 

The first season was praised a lot by critics and the further seasons also received affirmative reviews from the viewers and critics. The first and second seasons of the series consisted of ten episodes each whereas the third season consisted of eight episodes. The series was also awarded multiple awards. 

So, We have got Everything we know about the upcoming season of “Westworld”. Read the full article to catch all the latest updates.


When is Westworld Season 4 going to be released?

There is no official announcement of the release date of the fourth season of the series till now by HBO. But if you see the release pattern of the previous seasons over the years, it takes on an average of two years approximately for the release of each season. So probably it’s safe to say that we may expect the fourth season by the last quarter of 2022. It may take a bit longer also in view of the current situation since the world is suffering from the global pandemic. 

Who can return in the cast of the fourth season? 

As no official announcement has been made regarding the return or addition of casts but we may see the below-mentioned casts in the upcoming season.

  • Evan Rachel Wood may be seen in the role of Dolores Abernathy, he is the eldest host and still works in that park
  • Thandiwe Newton may be seen in the role of Maeve Millay, a host who portrays as the madam of Sweetwater
  • Jeffrey Wright may be seen in the role of Bernard Lowe, Wright depicts as Arnold Weber who is the co-creator of Westworld
  • Luke Hemsworth may be seen in the role of Ashley Stubbs, Head of Security of Westworld
  • Simon Quarterman may be seen in the role of Lee Sizemore, Head of Narrative of Westworld, Quarterman represents a virtual copy of the role in a simulation.
  • Angela Sarafyan may be seen in the role of Clementine Pennyfeather she is a host who works as an escort in Sweetwater
  • Tessa Thompson may be seen in the role of Charlotte Hale
  • Aaron Paul may be seen in the role of Caleb Nichols, an ex-soldier who turned into a construction employee and criminal.
  • Vincent Cassel may be seen in the role of Engerraund Serac, he is the founder and superintendent of the strategic planning artificial intelligence system Rehoboam.
  • Tao Okamoto may be seen in the role of Hanaryo, a doppelganger of Armistice in Shogunworld 

We may see several other casts also who appeared as guest characters in the third season Like Rodrigo Santoro may be seen in the fourth season as he had played the role of Hector Escaton in the initial two seasons and appeared as a guest in the third season, so it may happen that he returns in the fourth season. Other names are also there like Katja Herbers, Clifton Collins Jr., Jimmi Simpson, and many more.


What to expect from the fourth season? Check out the probable synopsis below!

Before getting into the plot of season 4 of the series let’s get a quick recap about the third season.

In season 3, the finale episode left us all with plenty of questions and dilemmas, Rehoboam and its founder were defeated Bernard understands that he has control over the Chic. We had also seen him waking up right after he saw into the Sublime, however, there is no clarity regarding how much time has elapsed. Memories of Dolores have been wiped off, also it looks like she is expired. 

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Charlotte drowns into her inner sorrow and it is revealed that she is raising a significant military of hosts. A duplicate of William slits his throat and left him bleeding. 

There is no idea shared by Nolan regarding the synopsis of the fourth season of the series but it’s confirmed that it’s going to be more thrilling. 

So that’s all as of now and till the official announcement has been made, keep watching the third season. We will keep you updated regarding the upcoming season of “Westworld”. Stay Tuned.

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