What If Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Netflix hasn’t shared yet that “ what if will be renewed for a second season, but the creator of the show Mike Kelley is eager to do so if the opportunity arises. He told Ready Steat cut that he would jump at the chance to take everyone for another ride if the viewer have equally fun riding this woolly and wild roller coaster as we had to craft it. He also added that t here’s no shortage of moral dilemmas or culturally relevant source material to grasp from for new narratives.”

And if ABC’s Revenge gets a green light, the director of the film has already officially started plotting where the thriller they might be next. He also said TVLine that his intentions for further seasons, assuming we get other seasons to happen  in a universe where the other journey never existed.”

Kelley always intended what if to be an anthology series, similar to American Horror Story, which he had taken a reference from, which means there’s plenty of room for new characters and plots.

What If Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no update on whether or not this brilliantly trashy drama will keep going or not. Although the show definitely caused a craze with its high-profile exposure and overly dramatic plot lines, it’s difficult to say if Netflix will renew What If for a second season due to the streaming giant’s notorious secrecy about its viewer ratings. In the meantime, do keep an eye on our column for all of your latest updates about What-If.

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What If Season 2 Cast

Kelley did state in an interview about how he would like the next chapter to happen in real-time while all-new characters just like Anne Montgomery won’t be appearing, that just doesn’t mean familiar faces like Renée Zellweger won’t come again.

“My wish is to release an American Horror Story bringing back the very same characters to play different parts in every season,” he added, “presuming everyone’s schedule falls in line and they choose to do it.”

When questioned why she liked playing Anne, Zellweger stated In an interview that she wanted to follow something which was not so constrained by the rules that generally utilized to the work that she does.”

“I wanted to act or take decisions that I’m not generally allowed to,” she continued. Anne was “the most personalized character I’ve ever created,” Kelley stated In an interview. “The possible explanation about chess being used as a metaphor which constantly repeats is just because she constantly thinks ahead of time, so she’s already determined that she’s going to act up in a particular way,” he stated.

What If Season 2
What If Season 2

Things certainly don’t go as planned, although the character might have some ideas about what she’d do, as she was not fully prepared for the consequences, she quickly got to know how to reach the final game.”

All the other characters that might return to the show are Lisa (by Jane Levy), Sean (by Blake Jenner), Todd (by  Keith Powers), Angela by Samantha Ware, Marcos by Juan Castano, Lionel by John Stewart, Cassidy by Daniella Pineda, Avery by  Saamer Usmani, Kevin by Derek Smith and Gage by Gabriel Mann, and Nolan Ross by Mann.

Dr. Ian Evans by Dave Annable, Foster by Louis Herthum, Maddie Carter by Allie MacDonald, and Liam Strom by  Julian Sands as we all know that these characters have already died in the first season we are still expecting them to be back for the second season as well.

What If Season 2 Plot

It’s difficult to say what the second season will be about at this point as it will be a different story. However, the title of the show makes sure that the characters will once again be pressured to struggle with some major moral dilemmas, which you, the audience, will most likely be forced to consider as well.

“I feel as though it’s important to realize our ownership in our fate,” Kelley said In with the first season. “It almost deconstructs the concept of outcome in general.”

“When I stole the show with Anne thinking about everything occurring for a certain reason, and she meant, ‘Whatever happens it occurs for a certain reason.

“We’re living in a time when everything is so morally ambiguous, and no one is being held accountable,” he continued. In the moment we’re living in, I believe it’s just as important to decide, ‘Where are we?’ ‘Is that really what I am reluctant to do?’ Make a choice about where you’d like to draw the line between right and wrong.

And if you really want to tear it, you can either pay the price or learn the lesson.” With all that in mind, if what if is renewed for a second season on Netflix, we can expect more of the same melodramatic tendencies.

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What If Season 2 Trailer

As of now no trailer for this upcoming show has been announced yet.  But as soon as any trailer is released we will update a column for you. So do not forget to keep checking a column to stay updated about all the latest updates about your favorite shows. And till then stay tuned with us all for such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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