What Is R. Kelly Net Worth? How Much Money Does He Make?

Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing this famous singer called R.Kelly and everything about him. This famous singer R Kelly had a huge fall in these recent years and is facing a lot of issues staying in prison after he was found guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering.

The trial for this 54-year-old singer finally concluded in September after many years of getting postponed and facing various issues. However, he is still in Chicago charged with child pornography and other illegal acts.

Everything About R. Kelly

Later on, in April 2020 he also said to judges that he owes a total of $1.9 million to IRS itself and had also appealed to get some relaxation on bail to pay off his debt. Later on, on 8th August 2021, his legal team has also asked for various free transcripts of the jury hearings for Kelly as he was unable to afford them.

As shared by his attorney, Calvin Scholar said that Kelly Is not financially Stable to get the transcript and use it for his defense as s said in the conference. As of now the exact net worth of Kelly is not known however we are sure that his value is somewhere in – 2 million dollars which means that he is completely in-depth after going to prison.  The average report that he had shared earlier is worth Millions even as high as $100 million dollars however now it has been completely 0.

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How Did R. Kelly Go Into Complete Debt?

This famous singer first came into the limelight after he won a prize on the TV Talent Show called a Big break. He had won a big prize of $1 million dollars for the started singing with various records in 1991.  His first album was 12 plays and it was released in 1993. He was the lead singer in this Bump and grind and the record had won 6 Platinum awards.

He had started saving and earning more money in his entire 1990s and 2000s. Meanwhile, he had released 14 Studio albums, 3 collaboration albums, 5 compilation albums, and also won a host of awards. He has also done a total of 12 tools worldwide and many TV appearances. 

R. Kelly Net Worth
R. Kelly Net Worth

However, after his divorce from Andrea Lee in 2009 he had lost a lot of his wealth and his image in the music industry started fading.  As per the reports, it showed that he ordered a total of five million dollars as unpaid taxes in 2012 and the next year he lost his home in Chicago when he failed to pay the mortgage.

He had faced a lot of financial troubles and it was declared at last in 2018 when he released a song of 19 minutes longer sharing all the allegations which have been placed against them and all the debts he had.  He also shared that he had been struggling to pay his rent and had also owed 20 million dollars to IRS.

As various convictions were given by many streaming platforms and Spotify all these platforms gradually stopped adding his music to their platforms. All his albums gradually decreased his earnings.  And much likely he had faced a big financial dead because of which he was unable to pay any amount back and it had become very difficult for him to survive.

So this is everything you need to know about R Kelly. Do share your views in the comments below regarding this article and let us know if you would like to know about any other celebrity and we will update a column for you.  Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters. 

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