When Does 1923 Return? Fans Are Devastated Over This Latest Episode News

The prequel series 1923 is the newest addition to the Yellowstone canon. In this exciting prequel, we meet the Dutton family in the early 20th century as they run the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. The debut episode of Season 1 of 1923 aired on December 18, 2022. With a new episode dropping every week, Season 1 has a total of eight episodes.

The eight-episode first season of 1923 has been renewed for a second season. Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator, spared no historical detail in recreating the year 1923. Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Ehle, James Badge Dale, and Jerome Flynn are just some of the stars featured in the series.

When Does 1923 Return?

When Does 1923 Return?
When Does 1923 Return?

On February 5, 2023, the fifth season of 1923 will premiere. Beginning on December 18, 2022, the first four episodes were made available on Sundays. Paramount+ has not explained why the show is pausing. Midway through the season, though, a trailer was released that provided a sneak peek at what was to come. The trailer was uploaded to the official 1923 Instagram account with the comment.

“The story is far from over. #1923TV returns with brand new episodes on February 5, only on #ParamountPlus.” The 1923 season is pausing in the middle of the year, much like Yellowstone. In contrast to Yellowstone, which won’t open again until the summer of 2023, 1923’s closure will be significantly shorter.

There are still four episodes left in 1923’s first season. The release timetable for the remaining episodes has not been announced, although new episodes will likely be available every Sunday.

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1923 Fans Are Devastated Over This Latest Episode News

What’s next, 1923, after Yellowstone? We have no idea what to do on Sunday nights now that both series set in the Yellowstone world is on indefinite hiatus. After the midseason finale, Yellowstone revealed that it would be back in the summer.

Following the events of January 8th’s episode, 1923 also announced that it would be going on hiatus. Thankfully, the suspense surrounding Jacob and Cara Dutton’s fight to retain their land will not last quite as long. New episodes of 1923 will premiere on Paramount+ on February 5. Paramount+ has not explained the pause in 1923, leaving fans to question, “why is 1923 taking a break?”

However, new episodes of Mayor of Kingstown, another of Taylor Sheridan’s inventions, begin on January 15, suggesting that the streaming service may be deliberately spacing out the new shows.

When Is 1923 Back on Paramount+?

Those that enjoy 1923 will be disappointed to learn that it will be taking a break in the middle of the season like Yellowstone did. The good news is that 1923 will be back on our televisions in no time. The second prequel series to Taylor Sheridan‘s Yellowstone has reached the halfway point of its eight-episode run.

Fans will have to wait until the last four episodes air to find out what happens to Jacob, Spencer, Cara, and the other friends of the Dutton family. Four episodes have aired so far in 1923, each on a weekly basis on Sundays. In contrast, Season 5, Episode 1 will be unique.

On Sunday, February 5th, Paramount+ will air the season’s fifth segment from the year 1923. That implies there won’t be any new episodes for three consecutive Sundays after Episode 4 aired on January 8. To prepare for the next episode, viewers can now catch up.

1923 Episode 4 Recap Does Spencer return home?

Spencer may not have made it back to Yellowstone Ranch in 1923’s fourth episode, but he’s closer than ever. The year 1923 is a pivotal one in American history, as it marks the beginning of a period of great political and economic upheaval in the United States. Similar to the popular shows Yellowstone and 1883, this one is a spin-off.

In the third episode, we saw Banner and his goons rain bullets down on the Dutton family, killing a number of them. Spencer, on the other hand, is having the time of his life with his girlfriend in Africa and is completely ignorant to what is happening back home. All right, let’s not waste any more time and get into what happens in this week’s episode of 1923.

1923 Episode 4 Recap
1923 Episode 4 Recap

The most recent episode begins with Cara standing in the kitchen wearing her cornflower blue Sunday dress while her husband’s blood drips from the table onto the floor. She runs out to the field and screams her heart out as she thinks about what her family has been through recently.

She gathers herself and returns to the kitchen, where she uses a rusted bucket to collect her husband’s blood. She plans to obey her husband’s orders and not tell the sheriff or send an army after those responsible. Instead, she will hunker down, call back Spencer, and wait.

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