The White Lotus Episode 5 Recap

The White Lotus Episode 5: No one has died yet in the second season of The White Lotus, and we’re already more than halfway through. That’s fair, given that the season one murder didn’t happen until the very end of the finale. However, it’s becoming evident that something terrible is coming. Below is the recap of The White Lotus Episode 5.

With only two more episodes to go, the ocean looks like it’s getting ready to claim at least one more victim, judging by the b-roll views of the sea increasing darker and the waves getting more violent. We’ve already addressed who might commit murder when the seven-part series concludes next month, so let’s move on to who might meet their end on the White Lotus’s stunning Sicilian estate. Since most of the invitees are already dressed in their victim attire, the choices are many.

The White Lotus Episode 5

This is the most logical option in The White Lotus Episode 5, given that Cam hasn’t made many friends on this journey and that many people would likely wish to see him suffer the repercussions of his conduct. I’m sure that the airline worker on the other end of his angry call in episode two can’t wait to get back at him. Even more frustrating for Lucia is the fact that Cam has yet to pay back the 1300 euros she owes her. Albie could just ignore Cam’s militant feminism and take measures to protect his new girlfriend from him.

Most likely, though, Ethan will be the one to stab Cam (both literally and figuratively) in The White Lotus Episode 5. Ethan now realises that Cam is only for his money and insider information. Furthermore, Cam has been nothing but trouble for Ethan on this vacation. Honestly, does anybody else find it really odd that Cam insisted on having sex in Ethan and Harper’s bedroom? On top of that, as the evenings’ pass, Cam is beginning to relax in his relationship with Harper. It’s possible that Ethan will see Cam for who he really is—a worthless playboy—and lose it in an instant.

white lotus episode 5
white lotus episode 5


Again, this one is pretty clear. The poor man has fallen twice on this short journey, and no one is willing to sleep in his room and check on his health periodically through the night due to his gassy incontinence. It’s possible that a combination of his clumsiness and gas could kill him.


In a matter of episodes, the once-nervous, hilariously awkward woman who shares her lunch with strays has transformed into a full-fledged stalker (the cat thing probably was a clue). The target of her affection is Isabella in The White Lotus Episode 5, and she will stop at nothing to win her over (even place the terrifyingly-voiced Salvatore at the front desk). What, though, happens if Valentina’s feelings aren’t reciprocated by Isabella? Or maybe there will come a day when she forgets to wear her starfish lapel button to the office. There’s a chance she’ll fall into the sea.


Mia has already demonstrated that she is not above getting her hands dirty to achieve her goals. She basically drugged a man to get a singing gig in a hotel bar. Just wait a few days, since Giuseppe will be back at the piano. She may need to take more extreme measures if she wants a permanent position.


Quentin is hard to get along with. Although at first glance he appears to be a wealthy gentleman who kindly offered assistance to the pitiful but amusing Tanya, further investigation reveals that there is more to his motives. He tells scary stories about men killing rich women and makes morbid statements like “I’d die for beauty.” In a very serious tone, as if he has truly considered suicide previously, he exclaims, “This mansion in Palermo is so magnificent I could die!” There’s also the fact that he has sex with his so-called “nephew” but we’ll have to hold that for next week because there’s a murder to solve first.


What exactly is going on with Greg in The White Lotus Episode 5 is still unknown. It seems a little too obvious at this point that White wants us to assume he’s cheating. Greg may have a perfectly reasonable explanation for his actions early in the season, but it would be very unlike Tanya if she acted without first hearing him out.

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