Who are the villains in shazam! Fury of the gods 

The super-hyped DC FanDome 2021 was nothing short of a comic lover’s dream event with cinematic teasers of fan-favorite shows and movies including, Batman, including Black Adam, and of course the Flash, which had the internet bustling for days. Fans even got a peek at the third season of the “Harley Quinn” animated series and the thrilling trailer of the upcoming suicide squad video game. With all this in its place, it would be pretty negligent not to mention “the Shazam! Fury of the gods” sneak peek and give it the true admiration it deserves.


Shazam’s debut and rise to fame:

Who are the villains in shazam! Fury of the gods 
Who are the villains in shazam! Fury of the gods

 Zachary Levi’s performance bought DC comic’s mainstay character to life when shazam hit theatres back in 2019. There wasn’t anything different as this was another super-hero origin movie but became an instant fan favorite with the enjoyable style that set it apart from the DC extended universe’s usual dark portrayal. The sought-after film was critically acclaimed and became a huge commercial success with a striking almost $366 million revenue. The fans raging interest coupled with the film’s success became a pivotal motivating point for the creation of a sequel, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods.” that is all set to possibly debut in 2023.

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The sequel in action:

We don’t know a lot about the sequel, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods.” except for what was given away by the DC FanDome sneak peek. One thing however can be deduced that the characters of Hespera played by Helen Mirren and Kalypso played by lucy Liu will act as the film’s nemesis. 

What you should know about the film’s antagonists?

Even though there’s no apparent history of Kalypso and Hespera in the dc comics, their characters seem to have backstories rooted in Greek mythology. The Greek mythology beings are known as The Hesperides: daughter of the titan, Atlas, with numbers from three to seven, inspired the character of Hespera while Kalypso is linked to the Greek counterpart Calypso, who was one of Atlas’s daughters and lived over the island of Ogygia. She is famously known for “The Odyssey” in which she had trapped Odysseus in her home for seven years until eventually his desire for his wife made him leave.

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More trouble for the Shazam Family:

It’s still confusing to exactly infer how these Greek mythology characters will play their part in shazam! Fury of the gods but it is safe to say Kalypso and Hespera will prove to be true intimidating villains creating quite the havoc for the shazam family. But interestingly that’s not the only danger in store for our heroes. According to the producer, Peter Safran, the show will be loaded with other mythological creatures like dragons, harpies, and minotaurs, who might be serving under Kalypso and Hespera. Now that’s going to knock up some hell for our mortal world.

From Dr. Thaddeus Sirvana (Mark Strong), a balm man scientist, and the seven deadly sins to the Greek goddesses Kalypso and Hespera. The creators of Shazam! Fury of the gods have decided to take some risk with the power leap and we are pondering if this will get the audience completely gripped. We can only anxiously wait to see our heroes find a way to stick together and fight off the evil once again, whoever the villain may be. Fingers crossed. 

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