Who is Brandon Blackstock? Kelly Clarkson’s Ex-Husband: The Whole Story

Kelly and Brandon have finally got divorced after 7 years of marriage.  Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing Kelly and Brandon’s divorce which has created a craze among all the people.  For all the people who don’t know who is Brandon Blackstock is we will be covering it further in this article.  Brandon and Kelly finally got the divorce on 8th March 2022 after a long-lost battle between them.

Who is Brandon Blackstock?

Brandon Blackstock (45years old) is an amateur pilot and also a Music Manager.  He is the son of Narvel Blackstock who was the manager of Kelly Clarkson. However, Brandon, later on, took the position of manager and had become the manager of Kelly Clarkson.  With time they were involved in a romantic relationship. The stepmom of Reba McEntire was her mentor throughout the journey.

Brandon has worked with many big clients which included Rascal Flatts and  Blake Shelton. Other than that Blake Shelton is the man who had asked who had helped Brandon marry Kelly.  Kelly and Brandon have met in 2006 for the very first time at the American country music awards.  This couple got married in 2013 at the luxury Resort located in Tennessee.

Currently, Brandon is the CEO of the Starstruck Management Company which is further co-owned by his father.  This couple has two children that are a daughter of 7 years old and a son of 5 years old.  Other than that Brandon also has two more children from his previous marriage.

It was seen that Kelly Clarkson had flown to Seth Meyer’s in 2020 to spend some time alone.  She said in an interview that she looked at her husband and it was a very rough week for her and everything was very tough for her to handle. She said that she doesn’t wish to cook a meal, clean the clothes and she doesn’t wish to do anything. 

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She further added that for her birthday she had literally asked to be left alone by everyone and it was ironic as she was having time for herself and was constantly being surrounded by people.  She said that she was all alone and had enjoyed it a lot.

She further added that she did absolutely nothing on her birthday she just relaxed and spent time watching TV. On 8th March 2022 which was after 2 years of filing a divorce, It was reported that both the couple had finally reached a settlement.

The outlet has finally reported that the Superior Court judge Scott Gordon had come to a conclusion for the divorce case. Kelly is going to keep the Montana Ranch that was shared by both of them and also Blackstock is required to pay Kelly $12500 per month for rent.

Recently Brandon is staying in Montana and if he is willing to move then the custody agreement might change. Brandon will get spousal support of $115,000 per month. However, that will come to an end in January 2024. 

The estimated salary of Kelly is $ 20 Million per year which would be completely hers. Along with that, she will also receive $1.3 million as a part of the settlement. Kelly has been idle since 2002 after the first season of American Idol and it is rumored to be having a net worth of $45 million dollars.

Brandon Blackstock
Brandon Blackstock

What Does Brandon Do for a Living?

Blackstock is basically a music manager who has very famous clients in the industry.  In 2012 in an interview, Shelton shared that he is completely supporting Kenny and Brandon’s marriage and is completely supportive of it.  He had also added that he had advised Brandon to grow up and also figure out that he needs to marry Kelly.

Also added that he was going to play the record and will be handling the music at their wedding and whatever they will like him to do he would be the guy who will help them get married. He also added that he will play music for 4 hours if needed to and also Will take every charge of the wedding but brand but he wanted Brandon to go and propose to Kelly for marrying him.

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How Did Brandon and Kelly Meet?

Brandon’s father, Narvel Blackstock, was also the manager of Kelly, and the two had met in 2012. River Rose and Remington Alexander are the couple’s two children. In her tumultuous divorce, Clarkson was awarded primary custody of her children. On 8th March it was confirmed by TMZ that the custody agreements ruled in favor of Kelly.

Unless Brandon moves out of Montana, Kelly will have primary custody of their two children. If Brandon moves out of Montana’s house, the terms will be renewed. Brandon will also have to pay $45,600 per month in child support. The family had been quarantining in their Montana mansion, just before the split.

So do let us know in the comments below your view about the split of Brandon and Kelly and stay tuned with us for all the latest updates about your favorite shows and stars. 

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