Who is Deborah Roberts Married to? Take a Glimpse at Their Romance!

Long may your love last! After meeting for the first time on the set of the Today program, Al Roker and Deborah Roberts have been together for almost 20 years.

During an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show in February 2021, the Today meteorologist reminisced about the time he first started dating his now-wife, an NBC correspondent:

“It was funny because we were in the ‘friend zone. We were friends and she was like, ‘Let’s not ruin that friendship and you know, she was covering an event for a couple of weeks and asked me to keep an eye on her apartment. So, I did and I had to snoop around.”

Roker continued:

“I was in the kitchen and I opened up the fridge and there’s nothing in there. I open up the oven expecting to see a mess and she still has the cardboard was still on the oven grates. I thought, ‘This woman’s never used this oven.’ So, a day before she got back from her trip, I stocked her pantry, I stocked her refrigerator and left some flowers on the table.”

Who is Deborah Roberts Married to?

A handwritten message from Roker waiting for Roberts at home said, “Welcome home.” He boasted to Clarkson a week later, “I got my first date with her.”

In 1990, the weather specialist and Roberts first met backstage at Today, and by 1992, they were an official item. Courtney, born in 1987, is a professional meteorologist and Roberts’ daughter. Finally, on January 1, 1994, Roker went down on one knee to propose.

The New Yorker reflected on her life on the Rachael Ray Show in February of 2022, saying:

“I had already planned a year ahead to do it because I wanted to do it at the Grand Canyon. So, New Year’s Eve came and went and we’re having breakfast and she said, ‘So if one were to be expecting a ring, when would one be expecting it? I said, ‘Well, no later than Groundhog’s Day.”

When they eventually reached the Arizona landmark, Roker’s surprise for Roberts was complete. The author of Never Goin’ Back fell on one knee as night fell and began rambling.

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Yahoo reports that Roberts joked to the famous chef that she would have broken up with her boyfriend if he hadn’t proposed-

“I thought he fell, I was trying to help him up. I started crying after he asked me to marry him. It was beautiful.”

After being engaged for nearly a year, the pair were married in September 1995. They later started a family. They have two children, Nicholas (born in 1998) and Leila (born in 2002):

“The sumptuous journey began 26 years ago today. It has been a true and delicious adventure. Ups. Downs. Better. Worse. Coasting … Joyriding and holding on tight along the way.”

The ABC newscaster titled a September 2021 Instagram post honoring her late spouse. “So thrilled to share this full life with you, @alroker. Happy anniversary, dear. Here’s to so many more!”

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