Who is Josh Duggar Wife? Talk About Her Life After Her Husband’s Conviction

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is a docuseries on Prime Video that follows Josh, Anna, and their seven children before and after Josh was found guilty by the federal government of getting and having CSAM.

Josh Duggar was arr*sted in December 2021 and put in ja!l until May 25, 2022, when he was given his sentence. Anna stayed by his side even though the charges were serious and his sentence could have been as long as 40 years.

A person who did not want to be named said that Duggar’s pr!son in Texas, where he is spending a 151-month sentence, is “dangerous” and “poorly run.” The four-part limited series that started on Friday looks into the strange connections between the seemingly perfect family and the radical religious group Institute of Basic Life Principles.

After hearing the horrible accusations against the ex-TLC star, many fans may wonder why his family still backs him. Many people asked what happened to Anna Duggar after the show ended. Here are a few of the details so that you can look them over.

Who is Josh Duggar Wife?

Anna’s familial ties appear as strong as they were before Josh Duggar’s trial. Even though she and her family have moved to Florida, she is still residing in the Duggar compound in Arkansas.

Anna has been a good Duggar daughter, so she probably won’t file for divorce very soon. Marriage and strict adherence to gender norms are highly valued in the Duggar family’s core Christian Baptist beliefs.

It has been stated that Josh regularly receives visits from Anna and several of her children. A relative of an inmate at FCI Seagoville claims that the Duggar family has been spotted there on many occasions.

Who is Josh Duggar Wife

The Duggars’ extended family, including Josh, Anna, and their children, used to live in a detached residence on the same property as Jim Bob and Michelle. It seems safe to infer that Anna and the kids are still living on Duggar land, or the “Duggar compound,” as their critics label it since they continue to make appearances at family occasions.

Anna moved back home with Jim Bob and Michelle when news of Josh Duggar’s infidelity leaked in 2015 and he was taken to a Christian therapy center. She recalled her time in the girls’ dorm, where she would spend the night.

Michelle Duggar made it clear to viewers of Counting On that she and Josh Duggar intended to remain married despite his infidelity. At that time, she and her daughters were inside the main house.

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