Who is Kevin Bacon Married to Kyra Sedgwick?

With her first acting role coming at the tender age of sixteen, Kyra Sedgwick has gone on to become a celebrity in her own right. On the other hand, she is married to actor Kevin Bacon.

Famous films in which Bacon has starred include Footloose and Wild Things. One of Hollywood’s longest-running couples, Sedgwick and Bacon have been dating since the 1980s.

In film and television, Sedgwick has been active for many years. The Closer was her breakout role, but Sedgwick has left her imprint in supporting roles as well. Furthermore, her character is vastly under-explored.

Discover all the details about Kyra Sedgwick, the wife of Kevin Bacon!

Who is Kevin Bacon Married to?

Actress Kyra Sedgwick is Kevin Bacon’s wife. Even by Hollywood standards, the 34 years that the couple has been married since 1988 is remarkable. Kyra Sedgwick’s true age is eight years less than that of her spouse.

In 1978, Bacon was a 20-year-old star in an Off-Broadway production when Kyra Sedgwick, a 12-year-old admirer, approached him. Given Bacon’s wife’s young age, it’s likely for the best that he has no recollection of the encounter.

How Many Children Does Kyra Sedgwick Have?

How Many Children Does Kyra Sedgwick Have

The long and fruitful marriage of actress Kyra Sedgwick to actor Kevin Bacon began in September 1988 when the two exchanged wedding vows. Sosie Ruth Bacon, who is 31 years old, and Travis Sedgwick Bacon, who is 33 years old, are the couple’s children.

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