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Who is Matt Rife Girlfriend? Is Dating Someone or Single?

Who is Matt Rife Girlfriend?

On September 10, 1995, the world was introduced to comedian and actor Matt Rife in the United States. Many of Matt’s fans are curious about who he dated previously. Do you want to know who Matt Rife’s girlfriend is, too? For further information, please read on.

Who is Matt Rife’s Girlfriend?

In 2023, it would appear that Matt Rife is not in a relationship and is single. Kate Beckinsale, a British actress, and model, dated the 27-year-old comedian in the past. Follow along to learn about Matt’s past relationships.

It has been said that a mutual friend introduced Matt Rife and Kate Beckinsale. They started dating in March 2017. Matt dated Kate, who was over three decades older than he was. Keep reading if you want to learn more about Matt and Kate’s romance.

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Who was Matt Rife’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Matt Rife’s ex-girlfriend is Kate Beckinsale. Kate Beckinsale has made her mark in the entertainment and fashion industries. Kate starred in Much Ado About Nothing while she was a student at Oxford. Several British period films are among Kate’s acting credits. Kate makes an appearance in Shooting Fish, a modern romantic criminal comedy. Her film career did not begin and end with the Golden Bowl.

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