What Happened to Taylor Ann Green’s Younger Brother?

Recently, the internet is full of stories about Worth Green. People are using the Internet to find out more about him. Not only that, but everyone is also trying to figure out how he d!ed since the news about him spread across the internet.

Everyone is looking up information about him on the Internet, and they are also sending apologies to his family, who are going through a hard time. In this piece, we’ll talk about what we know about him. Not only that, but we’re also going to tell our readers in this story how he d!ed. Read on if you want to find out more.

Who Was Worth Green?

Born in Asheville, North Carolina on June 2, 1987, Worth Green is Taylor Ann Green’s younger brother in the Southern Charm cast. He was Richard and Leslie Dark Green’s firstborn son. Worth graduated from Subhawk Academy in 2005. In 2009, he completed his degree at East Carolina University.

Who Was Worth Green

After finishing college, Worth decided to teach English as a second language in South Korea. He and his pals took advantage of his enthusiasm for travel by visiting Ireland. He started taking up golf as a hobby as well.

He is d!ed on June 8, 2023, at the age of 36. On Saturday, June 17, 2023, at the North Carolina Westmoreland Funeral Home & Crematory, relatives and friends will gather to celebrate Worth’s life.

What is Worth Green Cause of De@th?

The circumstances surrounding Worth Green’s p@ssing remain unknown. The circumstances of Worth’s de@th are personal to the Green family, and they prefer to keep them that way.

Fans’ hearts may be broken by the news of a tragically young de@th, but they must remember to honor the family’s wish for privacy. Taylor Ann Green has lately experienced a tragic event.

On June 8, 2023, Worth Green, brother of Taylor Ann Green p@ssed away at the young age of 36.

Catie King, Taylor’s sister, Posted on Instagram about Worth’s de@th. After his de@th, her loved ones released a public statement detailing their grief and reflecting on the joy and happiness that Worth had brought into their lives.

She expressed a variety of feelings through her posts on Instagram, which included the following:

You are the best big brother I could have ever asked for. This family will never be the same. “I love you to the moon and back

According to research, Worth did not d!e of natural causes or from a previously undisclosed, terminal illness. It’s important to note that Catie, Taylor Ann, and Worth’s sister, has been experiencing some health problems of her own.

In 2017, Catie was diagnosed with not one but two forms of ovarian c@ncer. After months of treatment, her doctors finally declared her to be in remission. However, Taylor Ann revealed in May 2022 that Catie’s c@ncer had returned, forcing her to face it once again.

You may find additional information about the p@ssing of some well-known celebrities down below.

Fans have expressed their sorrow and asked for more information regarding Worth’s de@th. No one from his family has spoken publicly about the circumstances of his de@th, however, a remark has been made that Lyme disease may have been a factor.

Since Olivia Flowers’ brother d!ed earlier this year from Lyme disease, it’s possible that this was meant to refer to Taylor Ann’s brother’s de@th. That’s why it’s highly unlikely that Worth d!ed of the same illness. But there is no official proof about his Cause of De@th

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