Why Ducktales Season 4 Cancelled (Updated News)

Are you also a fan of Mickey Mouse, Donal duck, or Mini? Isn’t it beautiful when all the childhood memories come back? Well, we do have some heartbreaking news for all the fans of Scrooge McDuck. Recently it was announced by Disney that they are no longer Ducktail and got a lot upset with the news being out.

This remake of the 1987 show has won a lot of hearts. As per the fans, this remake was even better than the old show. But unfortunately, this show would no longer be released. 

This American animated series was called DuckTales and had gained a huge fan base recently. This show was produced by Francisco Angones and Matt Youngberg along with the animation of Disney Television. This show has the same name as the original series of 1987.

This show was first released on 12th August, in the year 2017and was aired on Disney XD. It even got a lot of appreciation from the fans and also from the critics. Thus another 2 installments were also made for the show. 

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Is the Season 4 of the Ducktales Cancelled?

Recently, there was a tweet from Drew Taylor regarding this. This tweet mentioned the cancellation of the show after the 3rd season by Disney. Also when the tweet was done there was no official news of the show being canceled. However, after a few days, it was finally confirmed by Disney XD regarding the cancellation of the fourth season.

The official announcement said that the creative team which was handled by Francisco Angones and Matt Youngberg has produced a beautiful show with unique and creative roles for straight three seasons. The three-season series consists of 75 episodes along with more than 15 shorts.

However, with the actual production coming to an end, DuckTalesreal production has now ended. DuckTales will be played daily on all the Disney and Disney Channels all around the world. Along with that, a big season finale will be played in 2021. However, now it is official that the 4th season of Ducktales won’t be released anymore.


DuckTales Season 4
DuckTales Season 4

Why Was the Fourth Season of Ducktales Cancelled?

Even though the official announcement was made. It was not made clear by the makers the reason behind this hit show being canceled. As per the tweet made by Drew Taylor, it felt that the makers have already planned to end the show after the third season.

And it was even reported that this planning was done for quite some time now. They have even made the third season even before the second season was released.

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After getting everything done so fast Disney never clearly answered the arrival of the fourth season of Ducktales. Other than this the fans being upset about the show are handling the decision with the hashtag #RenewDuckTales 2017 on Twitter.

Every fan is trying to do everything to get their favorite  Disney anime back to action. And now the fans are all waiting for Disney to answer this.  So here we will see if Disney is willing to react to fans or is going to follow the decision they have made of canceling the show. 

However, to the reaction of fans Drew Taylor said that he loves the hashtag #RenewDuckTales2017 however with a heavy heart the show has ended for good and it has ended for a while now. He also added that he doesn’t know why Disney made such an announcement when it but that is the truth.

The Releasing Date of the Season Finale

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The third and final season of DuckTales was released this year in April. After being released, a total of eighteen episodes had been released by Disney XD. And the last episode is going to be released on the 30th of November. Also, there are a total of 10 episodes left to be released in the last season.

This is the last season of the DuckTales and after that, no season is going to be released. All the fans have very high hopes for the remaining episodes. However, no official date for the release of the series finale has been announced but rest assured it is going to be done before 2021 ends.

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