Why Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress Is Still So Relevant, 27 Years on

Recently while filming the 5th season of the famous series The crown, it was seen that the actor Elizabeth Debicki once again created a look of Princess Diana. This look was the most famous and iconic fashion statement in the eye of the public.

These images were shot on the weekend and made headlines. Debicki wore the famous black ‘revenge dress’ on set. This dress was worn by Diana at the summer party of Serpentine Gallery in London in 1994.

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Princess Diana Was Never Going to Wear the Revenge Dress. Why Did She?

The famous off-the-shoulder chiffon dress was a complete fashion statement in 1994. It was designed by the Greek designer Christina Stambolian. This dress had a sweetheart neckline along with a flowy black trail.

Along with the dress, she had added further accessories which were Manolo Blahnik high heels, a choker necklace, and sheer black tights.

This dress was later on known as the “revenge dress”. This was so-called because Princess Diana wore it on the same day when  Prince Charles had made a public announcement about his affair with Camilla Parker. Further, a documentary was also made named Charles: Private Man, The Public Role.

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Diana initially had planned to wear another designer dress however after the announcement she changed her mind. Later on, the brand made a statement that they would be dressing her for the event.

However, she changed her mind and chose the Christina Stambolian dress. She had owned that dress since 1991 and bought it on a shopping trip with her brother.

Princess Diana

Why Did Princess Diana Change Her Mind to Wear the Revenge Dress?

In an interview, Stambolian said that Diana wished to wear that dress but was unable to do so wanted to wear the dress but it was too appealing. Furthermore, it was said that Diana didn’t wish to play like Odette, and look all innocent in white.

She was a lot angry and played it like an Odile, in black. Along with that, she wore bright red nail paint, and that was something she never did. She even said, “ Let’s be wicked tonight! Diana’s stylist,  Anna Harvey,  who worked with her for many years, even said in the report that “ Princess Diana wanted to look a million dollars and she did.

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As per Tina Brown, initially, the invitation was turned down by Diana to be at the party that night, She kept denying it for 2 days until the news was spread in promotion of the broadcast as written by Tina Brown in The Diana Chronicles.

Just after the news, there was a surprise call from one of the organizers of the Gala who also was an old family friend of Dian. He receives a phone call mentioning Diana is attending the party after. When asked what she was up to? She said You’ll see.

In that event, the fashion statement made by Diana was all on the front page along with covering her estranged husband’s new documentary and made her way back to the spotlight. That evening that dress carried a huge purpose for Diana and that dress still had its value till today.

Mary Greenwell, being Diana’s friend and a makeup artist, said that Diana just wanted to look great and had an amazing body to carry that dress. A lot of crazes were there about this revenge look of Diana’s and especially had a craze in social media.

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An Instagram account with the user name @ladydirevengelooks was created in 2018 by Eloise Morgan fashion writer, She had opened this account after her breakup and had gained 118K followers. She always documents Diana’s post- revenge looks and we all are cruising over it.

The 5th season of The Crown is going to continue a similar relationship and the divorce of Diana and Prince Charles is expected to be released in November 2022.

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