Wife Of Scott Patterson: Talks About Lorelai Blind Spots Is He Not Kidding Around?

Scott Patterson is a well-known American actor born on September 11th, 1958. He is most recognized for his roles as Peter Strahm in the Saw movie and Luke Danes in the Gilmore Girls television series.

In addition, he portrayed Michael Buchanan in the NBC drama series The Event and a Tenctonese alien leader in the television movie Alien Nation: Dark Horizon. Both of these roles were included in his acting career.

Scott Patterson Wife

Scott Patterson Wife
Scott Patterson Wife

The exact date of Kristine Saryan’s birth is uncertain. However, she is believed to have been born in April 1984, making her 38 years old in 2022. Together with her sisters Diane and Michael, she grew up in the Los Angeles area.

Haddonfield Memorial High School was where Kristine got her education. She spent two years honing her comedy and dramatic acting chops at the studio of Joane Baron DW Brown. She’s also an interesting fact because she’s a Meisner Program alum. Michael J. Fox, Peter Weir, and Diane Warren set for honorary Oscars.

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How Old Was Kristine Saryan When She Got Married?

The actress tied the knot with her spouse when they were both in their early 30s. On the other hand, they had already been a couple for almost 14 years. Initially, their relationship faced widespread backlash from the public, primarily due to their age gap.

When they first met, Kristine was 18, and Scott was 43, making the age gap between them almost 25 years. The couple acknowledged that Kristine was hurt by the public’s reaction to their relationship, but they remained strong through it all. After dating for almost ten years, Kristine Saryan’s age at marriage was considered perfectly normal.

When Scott Patterson Talks About Lorelai Blind Spots, Is He Not Kidding Around?

The seven seasons of Gilmore Girls were able to capitalize on Lorelai’s (Lauren Graham) romantic endeavors. Many people would have liked it if she married and had kids immediately, but then the show would have been done.

As a result, Scott Patterson could continue his role as Luke. While rewatching the episode, Patterson developed feelings about Lorelai by Season 4. On the edition of his podcast dated February 22nd, Patterson responded to questions from his listeners.

In response to fans’ inquiries about Lorelai’s character in the fourth season, Patterson offered the following analysis.

Because he had to memorize his lines every week, Patterson never saw Gilmore Girls while it was on. His newfound perspective allows him to understand Lorelai’s character better. For Patterson, the biggest issue is an inability to understand oneself, as he explained in I Am All In.

“I think she has several blind spots because of her powerful feelings about her upbringing and what happened and the choices that she made in having Rory, that whole experience with her mother and father going through that, being estranged for so long, and then coming back into the tornado that is that dynamic.

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