Will Russia Invade Ukraine Next Week?

Recently it was in the news that Russia might invade Ukraine shortly. Or you could say that the military is already present at the border and doing a lot of damage. There has been a lot of tension between Ukraine and the Kremlin but that has been a mystery for the world till now.

All the flights have been canceled, embassies have been emptied and all the travelers have been requested to go home as the situation over there is going to worsen to an extent.

The Us Said This Might Happen any Time Now

Russia has an entire troupe of 100000 members grouped near Ukraine and Washington. Along with a constant discussion going on with these countries, the crisis has not yet been solved and it is more likely that it might turn into something bigger.

However, Moscow has denied all such plans regarding this. Along with that President Bidden’s National Security advisor made a statement saying that an invasion might start anytime now. He also added that they cannot perfectly give us the data about when it would start but it seems to start anytime soon as said by Mr. Sullivan.

He even added that Washington might continue to share what they learned to deny Moscow to share any false flag regarding any attack which could also lead to something bigger and unexpected. However, all the US officials shared that they are not sure about the US intelligence and there is no news of Russia planning to invade yet.

The Us Is Still in Doubt That Russia Might Invade During Olympics

As of now, there has been a lot of discussion going on regarding the invasion. Everyone is still unsure whether the invasion would happen or not. There’s a doubt that no invasion would be done until the winter Olympics in Beijing is closed, that is on 20th February, to avoid a conflict with China.

Russia is still in denial that they are planning on invading but the people of Ukraine are getting themselves ready for what might come towards them. The US Secretary Antony Blinken shared in a recent interview that nothing can stop Russia from invading and the Olympics is not one of the reasons.

#Russia Invade Ukraine#RussiaInvadeUkraine
Russia Invade Ukraine

He also shared that they are seeing a lot of trouble signs from Russian escalation which also includes the new army personnel near the Ukrainian border. And he also said that there are very many chances that the invasion would start and this period also includes the Olympics.

Just like the United States, Britain also thinks that the crisis starting from the Ukraine border is active and has reached a very critical point. All the information they have shows that Russia might be planning to invade Ukraine at any point in time. It was also seen that Russia has sent a lot of troops from the countries East side to Belarus which also is sharing the border with Ukraine. 

As a result, the nation is planning on working with military support and going against Ukraine. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be out for his Europe trip this week. Britain in the meanwhile has been supplying anti-tank weapons and troops to Ukraine even though these troops have been asked to leave Ukraine this weekend. However, there is also a chance that Russia would step down and do not move forward with this invasion.

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What Has Russia Had in Mind About the Invasion?

Russia has been constantly denying the plans for an invasion of Ukraine. In a recent interview, it was shared by the Kremlin that discussions between the US and Moscow have taken place against the Russians internally regarding the Russian invasion. Russia has continuously denied all the plans to make any move on Ukraine and it is also possible that the anti-Russian sanctions might create a tense situation 

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has continuously shared the warnings received from the west and it also has been questioning the statements made by the US officials. They are still in doubt that Russia might be planning on invading Ukraine during mid-week. He also shared that they understand the risk of the situation and they are planning accordingly. 

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What Are the Views of Ukraine on This Situation?

As per the recent reports, there is also a chance that Russia might not invade Ukraine at all, And keeping that in mind a full-scale war might not happen in Ukraine. However, if we look into the depth of the situation then it is most likely that the invasion might happen.

Other than that it was also shared by the foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer that in a financial review in Australia some sanctions were done by the US along with allies in NATO.

He also added that Russia is going to maintain a huge number of troops on the Ukrainian border and that might cause some kind of attacks in Ukraine. However, it has not been sure yet if Russians, in general, are planning on invading Ukraine or not. 

Until any further updates stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite news and shows.

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