Will Smith Jada Divorce: Jada Smith Admits To Ex-Wife Of Will Smith That She ‘Crossed The Line’ With Him

Will Smith Jada Divorce: It was “too soon” for Jada Pinkett Smith to start dating Will Smith after his divorce from Sheree Zampino in 1995, she admitted. The latest episode of Red Table Talk included Zampino, and the topic was “toxic forgiveness.” In that session, she went into greater detail about the confession.

Will Smith Jada Divorce

Jada Smith admitted on the Facebook Watch show that despite their lovely sisterly bond over the years, it had not always been smooth sailing because they “were both pretty feisty.”

Zampino talked about a specific time when Jada Smith said she regretted getting together with Smith so quickly after he had a child with Zampino.

Will Smith Jada Divorce
Will Smith Jada Divorce

After Smith’s breakup, Jada Smith came out publicly about her relationship with him, telling Zampino that she hadn’t had time to adjust.

Jada Smith said that she dated Smith while he was still legally married to Zampino and living apart from her 2018 episode of Red Table Talk. This was the first time the two had talked about how difficult things had started.

Jada Smith said after the 2018 episode that the Real Housewives actress was one of the most important people in her life who had helped her grow in ways she hadn’t expected. She was “so grateful” for that.

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