Will There Be Life Is Strange Remastered Collection? Release Date Updates

The Life is Strange: Remastered Collection allows audiences old and new to relive the adventures of Max and Chloe in breathtaking depth. All you really need to know about the game, from visual analogies to additional features and the all-necessary launch date, is right here.

The Life is Strange world was first presented to gamers in 2015. The secret of Arcadia Bay was gradually unraveled as we encountered its distinctive residents and the now-iconic personalities of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price as its five original episodes were gradually published over the curriculum of that year.

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Before the Storm, released in 2017, provided an additional rare glimpse before Max showed up in Arcadia Bay, as well as the relationship between Chloe and Rachel Amber.

Is there a Life is Strange: Remastered Collection Release Date?

Now with Life is Strange: Remastered Collection, we will soon be able to revisit such tales with better graphics, animations, and much more.

Yeah sure, Life is Strange: Remastered Collection will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Google Stadia on February 1, 2022.

Even so, on January 20, 2022, the formal Life is Strange Twitter disclosed that the Nintendo Switch updates had been postponed, declaring that “[we] will need a bit of extra time until they are ready.”

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection Trailers & Gameplay

On the very same day, a 6-minute playable trailer featuring the intro riff of the actual game was shown, providing a first-hand look at the level of graphical quality that can be expected when attempting to play the rerelease.

Max could be seen moving around the hallways of Blackwell Academy, hearing to Syd Matters’ ‘To All Of You’ while interacting with and from within monologuing about her schoolmates and other interesting and interactive elements in the surroundings.

Life Is Strange
Life Is Strange

The first trailer, which included real footage of the remaster, was shown to fans on June 13, 2021, at E3 2021, and showed some signs of iconic scenes from the two games.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection Features

The Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes a slew of new and old features and improvements, such as:

  • Improvements to the engine and lighting
  • Animations have been improved.
  • Performances of facial mocap
  • There are numerous endings, options, and consequences.
  • Character and surroundings visuals have been remastered.
  • Puzzles in the game have been updated and developed.

What is Life is Strange About?

For those who are unfamiliar with the Life is Strange series, every game takes gamers on a journey of discovery and suspense. In the actual title, players step into the role of lead character Max Caulfield as she discovers she possesses a rare gift that enables her to change the very fabric of the globe around her: the capacity to playback time.

This function can be used all through the game while watching and learning about a colorful cast of characters as you try to figure out what is going on in Arcadia Bay.

Before the Storm is a prologue to Life is Strange that focuses on another of the game’s main protagonists, Chloe Price. We gain further knowledge about Chloe’s existence here, as well as information about Rachel Amber and what the two were up to before Max showed up.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection Pre-orders

Whereas the remastered collection is included in the Ultimate Edition of Life is Strange: True Colors, it can be pre-ordered separately. Pre-orders and owners of the True Colors Ultimate Edition will gain the ‘Zombie Crypt’ costume for Before the Storm Remastered.

To pre-order, go to the official Square Enix site, and choose your area, as well as the title and platform, for more info on which Etailers you can buy it from.

So now you have it – that’s all there is to learn about the Life is Strange Remastered Collection.

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