William Holden Cause of [email protected]: What Happened To Him?

The apartment manager found William Holden’s b0dy on his bedroom floor at his Santa Monica home. The police believed he had been [email protected] for several days. Because of his charisma and good looks, he often played the stereotypical American in Hollywood movies.

When he [email protected] away, he was 63 years old. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner, actor William Holden d!ed after a fall. According to the assistant coroner, the actor was “heavily drunk” when he [email protected] away. According to coroner Dr. Thomas Noguchi:

”The [email protected] was caused by an unintentional fall involving tripping over or slipping on a throw rug and then falling into the sharp edge of a bedside table.”

William Holden Cause of De@th

His testimony was based on findings from the autopsy and the initial investigation into the circumstances of death. According to the coroner, Holden d!ed from extensive bleeding after suffering a deep cut on the forehead.

Dr. Noguchi reports that Holden had a blood alc0hol percentage of.02% and that there are no further injuries or signs of foul play.

Even though a person’s bl00d alc0hol content (BAC) increases as they decompose, this b0dy’s BAC was still significantly higher than the legal limit of 0.10. The actor would be cremated, and his ashes would be scattered over the Pacific.

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