Wine Balloon Net Worth 2023: Consider Hot Air Ballooning Over The Swiss Alps

Wine Balloon Net Worth: The Wine Balloon, often called The Air Cork, is a fantastic instrument for preserving the flavour of an opened bottle of wine. The air is pushed into the bottle using a flat balloon that has been placed inside of it, and the container is then pressurised using a bunch of grapes.

After the balloon is expanded to the point that it rests on the lip of the bottle, a tiny air bubble remains inside of it.

Wine Balloon Net Worth 2023

Wine Balloon Net Worth
Wine Balloon Net Worth

Even after being opened, a bottle of wine may be preserved with the help of a Wine Balloon, currently called The Air Cork. Projections put the wine bottle manufacturer’s worth at $7 million in 2023.

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How The Frenchman Climbed Down With Wine From A Balloon?

While attempting to bring back samples of “the atmospheric air in which  was floating,” Blanchard accidentally spilled the contents of six bottles containing “different liquors” that a friend had placed in the balloon. Along the way, he drank many bottles of wine.

The crowd at the Philadelphia prison yard of Walnut Street Prison could hardly contain their enthusiasm as they took in the event. At 10 a.m. on January 9, 1793, they would witness a momentous event.

In celebration of the occasion, President George Washington came to see the Frenchman as he finished packing his belongings into his hot-air balloon. It would be the first such balloon voyage in the United States, but the feat’s achiever, Jean-Pierre Blanchard, had already completed 44 similar flights in Europe and become one of the era’s most famous aeronauts. Today was going to be his 45th time going up.

Try These Most Distinctive Experiences On Your Upcoming Vacation To Europe

The quality of your vacation in Europe can be greatly enhanced by venturing beyond the usual tourist traps and engaging in some of the more offbeat activities available. From visiting ancient Greek ruins to floating over the Swiss Alps in a hot air balloon, Europe is full with out-of-the-ordinary opportunities. Europe is, and rightfully so, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Europe’s cultural history, stunning natural scenery, and exciting modern cities make it a must-see for travellers from all over the globe. There are many well-known sights to see in Europe, but your vacation will be made all the more special by participating in one of the numerous off-the-beaten-path activities available around the continent. Discover some of Europe’s most out-of-the-ordinary activities, from seeing ancient Greek ruins to floating over the Swiss Alps in a hot air balloon.

Consider Hot Air Ballooning Over The Swiss Alps

If you’re looking for a really unforgettable adventure while in Europe, a hot air balloon ride over the Swiss Alps is a must. This amazing journey will take you high above the Swiss Alps, where you may look down on the beautiful landscape below from a bird’s eye view of the snowy peaks.

You can see the mountains, the lakes, and even the ski resorts from up here. The journey will be all the more spectacular if you time it for sunrise or sunset when the sky is bathed in brilliant colors.

Here’s What Happened To The Wine Balloon After Shark Tank

Have you ever wished to preserve the rest of a bottle of wine to drink later? You attempt to store it, but eventually, you realize the wine has gone bad and you have to throw it away, despite the fact that it was a superb bottle to begin with.

To be fair, businessman Eric Corti and his spouse had the same issue. According to Air Cork, Corti grew weary of wasting good wine because they couldn’t find a means to keep it fresh once it had been opened. According to Just Wine, Corti solved his difficulty by fusing a tiny balloon with the tube and pump of a blood pressure cuff. He dubbed his invention The Wine Balloon.

The Wine Balloon is activated by deflating the balloon and placing it into the wine bottle. Then, inflate the balloon by squeezing the pump until it makes contact with the inside of the wine bottle; this should result in an airtight seal that extends inward for approximately an inch and a half.

Corti spent months putting his prototype through its paces, and after hearing nothing but praise from everyone who used it, he dove headfirst into research and development to perfect every aspect of his creation (via Air Cork).

The Wine Balloon is a hit on ‘Shark Tank’

The Wine Balloon was the product that Eric Corti presented to “Shark Tank” to pitch to Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec, as reported on the Shark Tank Blog.

According to ABC, a huge number of American company owners have been on “Shark Tank” in the hopes that one of the investors will make a deal with them and help take their concept to the next level. Corti proposed a deal in which he would give the Sharks $40,000 in exchange for 30% ownership of his company. Afterward, he gave a demonstration of his invention to the group of investors, who were visibly impressed.

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