Witchfire: Expected Release Date Status & Updates!

Recently, the release date window has been officially announced by the developers that are The Astronauts. It is almost set to arrive in the early or late of 2022 because the official date is still not set in stone, only the date window has been announced yet.

Witchfire is a role-playing first-person shooter game themed in a violent fantasy world that promises fast-paced combat. Its developers have been gradually expanding their game world throughout the globe since it was first revealed at The Game Awards in 2017. Now, after so many restrictions, we have our first official confirmation of the Witchfire release window.


Witchfire Release Date

The Witchfire release date has been announced for the fourth quarter of 2022. That means the game’s developer expects it to be released between October and December 2022. However, its creator advises that anything could happen in the next 9 to 12 months.

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A comprehensive blog post on the developer’s document describes The Witchfire release date window as concrete as game development allows. Our objectives may be amended by investors, platform owners, distributors, or authors. A new pandemic could disrupt our plans, so window data might also be pushed further. 

According to the blog article, Witchfire will be launched earlier, but there are a lot of game design challenges that come with it. A multiplayer mode will very probably not be included in the game’s initial early access release. Once more information is surfaced about it then most probably we will share all the updates regarding its release date. Till then keep visiting the article to know more.


Witchfire: Platform

Witchfire has yet to confirm about the gaming platforms because the game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4, so it may probably be released on PC or most modern platforms, but nothing has been confirmed.

A PC release for Witchfire has yet to be announced. However, The Astronauts’ previous game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was released on PC. There is a significant possibility that this game will be released on PC as well unless a platform rights deal is signed. Meanwhile, Unreal Engine 4 is being used to create the game. If the developer chooses to release it on any of those platforms, it will be available on 

  • PlayStation 4 
  • PlayStation 5 
  • Xbox One 
  • Xbox Series X|S 
  • Nintendo Switch

Is Witchfire Multiplayer?

No, there is not any multiplayer in Witchfire yet. This game will most likely not get co-op as mentioned in the blog article. According to the developers, it would be identical to playing Dark Souls in co-op multiplayer mode, which would drastically change the difficulty and overall experience.

Internal discussions about co-op have taken place and this feature will likely be included later. It is also possible that after the game is out, a developer will find out how to develop a mod.

Witchfire: Weapons

The total number of Witchfire weapons is yet unknown. However, a post from January 2022 confirms that there will be at least five weapons in total. Many of which have been shown in various gameplay clips during production. It has been mentioned that the game does not include random weapons. This feature was proposed during development but was discarded due to gameplay balance reasons.

In a blog post, developers claimed that it is difficult to balance the RNG with the settings and we cannot have random weapons. We will need enough RNG for gameplay as well as enough configurations to master. However, we can improve our firearms but it is a bit of a mystery how to upgrade weapons. Weapons will be upgradeable and doing so will take some time and effort. There are also some new weapon features that we are not ready to discuss just yet.

Witchfire: Character Customization

As of the current update, there is no mention of character customization, so you cannot change the appearance or attire of your Witchfire character. However, according to the January 2022 blog post, both weapons and magic can be updated in some way. 

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In a developer’s claim, it has been clearly stated that the players cannot change the cloth color, mouth shape, and size. We only see our hands and a rifle for 99.99 percent of the game with a specific appearance.

Witchfire: a Looter Shooter

As per the recent updates, Witchfire is not a looter shooter game at all. While you can shoot guns and gather items do not expect unexpected loot like in Borderlands games.

There are tons of myths regarding the loot in the game but in an official statement, the developers of the game have claimed that is not as expected, hence there is not an explosion of high-quality looter shooters looting your weapon account. For more gaming updates and gadgets information you can stay in touch with us. 

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