World of Warcraft’s New Expansion is Dragonflight

A new World of Warcraft expansion has been released, following months of rumors and leaks. Despite the dwindling player base, World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion is a bold move for the game, which has faced competition from the likes of Final Fantasy XIV and Lost Ark.

The new expansion takes action on a new continent called the Dragon Isles, as we previously revealed. In reality, the Isles were a half-finished landmass in the game’s code and narrative for nearly two decades. Some players were even able to get into the previously unexplored places back in the day, but it now appears that they will be fully realized in this forthcoming addition.

This expansion will also include several changes to gameplay mechanics, as well as the introduction of new playable races and new playable classes. Everything we know about the upcoming expansion can be found right here.

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Brief Information About Dragonflight

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Dragonflight, takes place on the continent of the Dragon Isles, which has been described as “massive.” If speculations are correct, Dragonflight is scheduled to launch in Q1 of 2023.

In order to resume their role as the protectors of Azeroth, the five Dragon Aspects (blue, red, black, bronze, and green) return to the isles. The “Primal Incarnate” raid will be the first of several new dungeons and raids in the expansion, which will raise the level cap to 70.

When it comes to the plot, it will be more Azerothian and less cosmic than in recent expansions. The Dracthyr, a new draconic race, will be included in the expansion.

Players will be able to soar through Dragon Isles’ vertical map designs with a new Dragonriding talent that features a wide range of customizability and new physics-oriented flying capabilities. Dragon races for PvP are also on the table, according to Blizzard.

In order to make professions more collaborative and deep, Blizzard has completely reworked their core structures. Additionally, the UI and HUD will be reworked.

It is expected that Blizzard will disclose further features in the near future. To restore their rightful place as Azeroth’s stewards and protectors, the legendary dragons of the franchise will take center stage in Dragonflight.

Several thousand years ago, the Titans of the cosmos, shapers of the universe, gave strength to Azeroth by defeating its Old Gods. Known for his cannibalistic appetite and terrifying appearance, the draconic Galakrond devastated the countryside, consuming ecosystems of animals.

world of warcraft dragonflight
world of warcraft Dragonflight

When the Titan observers saw the dragon’s perseverance and decided to enhance and change the primordial dragons into fully-fledged magical drakes, they were blown away. They are tasked with overseeing Azeroth’s mortal races, its energies, and protecting and defending the planet.

For thousands of years, the dragonflights ruled Azeroth, fending off demonic incursions, Old God uprisings, and other dangers. Black dragon patriarch Deathwing returns from exile during the events of Cataclysm with newfound power.

When the dragonflights were no longer able to protect Azeroth, they handed it over to the mortal races, announcing the beginning of the “Age of Mortals.” In the Dragonflight trailer, we can see that times have changed.

As Tyr’s final watcher activates Tyrhold, we learn more about the mighty fortress. The Dragon Isles, formerly hidden from view by a magical curtain, were once again shown to Azeroth with the unleashing of energy. After the Sundering, which saw Azeroth split into several smaller continents and flooded, the dragons departed their ancient homeland.

A lot of speculation is taking place about the expansion’s key foes.  Murozond, the corrupted incarnation of bronze dragon patriarch Nozdormu, is rumored to be the main enemy.

They’ve appeared in a few expansions, but Murozond leads the so-called “infinite Dragonflight.” In Cataclysm, Nozdormu, aka Murozond, appeared as a boss and fought with the players across space and time.

 The Dragon Isles, A Brand-New Region

The Dragon Isles, a new landmass in the game, will be the setting for the expansion, with four new zones for players to explore and a fifth for those who begin the game as a Dracthyr Evoker.

Upon opening the expansion, players will find themselves in the first zone, The Waking Shores. The black Dragonflight has its origins in this untamed badland, but it is on the verge of extinction due to Deathwing and its descendants’ activities. Their civilization has advanced alongside that of the Dragonflight for millennia, making these centaurs less rudimentary than the ones we encountered in Kalimdor.

“The Azure Span” is one of Blizzard’s “biggest zones” ever made for a game. It’s where blue flying originated. Players will be introduced to a new Tuskarr race, which includes female and kid Tuskarr for the first time, as well as otter mounts for the first time.

In contrast to the wild and untamed environments of the other zones, Thaldraszus is a more advanced architectural legacy left by the Titans. All five dragonflights gather in Thaldraszus after Tyrhold reawakens the Dragon Isles to discuss matters of state.

New and improved Talent Trees

Talent trees in World of Warcraft will return to the tree-style growth system pioneered by WoW’s traditional gameplay, which is now receiving a substantial rework. Players will be able to use their general class points to distribute utility, while simultaneously spending those points on their specialized responsibilities under the new system.

According to Blizzard, the trees in World of Warcraft: Classic have been a big hit, and their core gameplay is still relevant in 2022. Blizzard hopes that the new method would provide gamers access to previously unavailable options and combinations. Switching between different builds will be as simple as a tap of a button.

The new talent trees are promising, but they’ll need to be thoroughly vetted to ensure that they don’t cause gameplay imbalances.


The flying mechanics of Dragonflight are getting a massive overhaul, as they haven’t changed since they were released nearly two decades ago. Since swimming has always been an extension of flying (in the air), Blizzard is attempting to give it a more physics-based approach with Dragonflight, which may be inspired by the progression system from Disney’s How to Train Your Dragon.

Aside from their unique flight controls, which influence momentum and speed in addition to their top elevation, your Dragonflight drakes will level up over time and throughout the expansion. Until your drake gains the strength to soar higher into the sky, you won’t be able to access some of the game’s more difficult challenges.

Release Date for Dragonflight

As of this writing, Dragonflight does not have a scheduled release date. There will be a beta test “soon,” Blizzard has confirmed, but if I had to guess how long it usually takes for an expansion to be released, it would be roughly a year. In my estimation, Dragonflight will be released no later than the end of Q1 2023.


Dragonflight is adding a new playable race and class. Dracthyr is a new draconic race that also has a humanoid form. If you really like this interesting information related to tech and games and want to check more information like this. visit, Green Energy Analysis.

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