Is World Trigger Season 4 Officially Confirmed?

This week marks the worldwide release of the season 3 finale of ‘World Trigger,’ but has the popular anime series been renewed for a fourth season?

To kick off the 2022 Winer anime lineup, we have the premieres of Attack on Titan, Tokyo 24th Ward, My Dress-Up Darling, and more!

There is, however, a final show in the Fall schedule that has yet to wrap up its storyline….. The World Trigger.

In spite of the last week’s broadcast delay and the impending third season’s final episode, anime devotees are already anticipating what the future may bring for the saga.

Is World Trigger going to be renewed for a fourth season? If yes, when will it air on Crunchyroll?

The Finale of World Trigger Season 3

The last episode of World Trigger Season 3, Episode 14, will air on either Saturday, January 22nd, or Sunday, January 23rd depending on where you live in the world.

The episode was postponed from its customary time slot last week due to news coverage of the Tonga Volcano eruption in Japan.

This week’s episode of World Trigger season 3 is named “Resolve,” and it is scheduled to premiere at the following times in various countries around the world:-

10:30 a.m. PST

1:30 p.m. EST

6:30 p.m. GST

7:30 p.m. CET

12:00 a.m. IST

2:30 a.m. PHT

5:00 a.m. ACDT

The season 3 finale will be available for free to all users at the hours listed above.

World Trigger Season 4
World Trigger Season 4

Renewal Status of World Trigger Season 4

It has not yet been confirmed that Toei Animation would be producing a fourth season of the popular World Trigger anime.

With the season 3 finale just a few hours away, viewers shouldn’t worry about the dearth of information about the series’ future.

As a result, many fans are confident that World Trigger will return to television for the fourth season. Anime renewals are usually based on two factors: popularity and the availability of source material, which World Trigger has.

Even though Crunchyroll doesn’t release official viewership figures for simulcast titles, World Trigger has remained popular among viewers all over the world during its television premiere.

The anime currently has a rating of 4.4/5 on Crunchyroll, 7.5/10 on IMDB, and 8.7/10 on RatinGraph. The third season of World Trigger has received an impressive 8.22/10 on the prominent MyAnimeList website, making it the best of the three so far.

In the same way, the anime version of World Trigger hasn’t yet covered all of the manga’s content.

There are rumors that season 3 will cover up to volume 22 chapter 196 of the manga, according to Monsters and Critics.  Since there are currently 24 complete volumes in Japan that have been published, fans should expect a fourth installment to arrive soon.

So, when can we expect the fourth season of World Trigger to be released globally?

Release Date for World Trigger Season 4

Despite the fact that the future of the World Trigger anime looks very promising, viewers should be prepared for a long wait for season 4.

As previously stated, the third season of the manga is scheduled to cover up to volume 22.

For the sake of continuity, Toei Animation’s production crew will need to wait till more volumes are published in Japan in order to supply enough material for another anime season.

It is estimated that season 4 will cover up to chapter 196 of the manga, indicating that around 30-40 chapters are required for a full anime season.

Fans should expect enough source material to be available by Summer 2022, based on the current rate at which new volumes are being published in Japan. However, the release of volume 25 has not yet been confirmed.

This means that the season 4 premiere of World Trigger is expected to take place either in October 2022 or January 2023.

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