WWE 2K22 DLC Release Date Status And Rikishi First Look (UPDATED)

There has been a lot of speculation about WWE 2K22’s first DLC this week, and today we have a new reveal from the Banzai Pack. In the same vein as Umaga and Yokozuna, Rikishi is the next character to be unveiled. When the downloadable content (DLC) drops on April 26th, we’ll get to see him in all his glory.

Omos and Kacy Catanzaro are the two Superstars featured in the next DLC pack, and it appears that we’ll get a glimpse at the remainder of the DLC pack in the coming week, as we haven’t seen Omos and Kacy Catanzaro yet.

The Banzai Pack adds three legendary Superstars and two current NXT Superstars from Raw to 2K22’s roster, which should only strengthen it further. A huge update to the game also recently included Tag Team Championships into My GM Mode, and now all eyes are on future DLC packs to see whether any further surprises are brought into the game.

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Tag team titles are now fully supported in Normal and Hard difficulty settings, as are the NXT 2.0 Arena and broadcast packages. The improvements will be welcomed by the majority of WWE fans, but die-hard fans will be more enthused about what’s about to come.

It is one of five packs issued throughout the year, the next of which is called the Most Wanted Pack and will be released in May. Vader, Ilja Dragunov, Cactus Jack, and Indi Hartwell are all included in this set.


What Is the Release Date of WWE 2K22 Banzai Pack DLC?

The WWE 2K22 Banzai Pack DLC release date has been set on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, by developers Visual Concepts. A unified content launch means that all of the content will be released simultaneously on all platforms. As a result, you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything because of exclusive agreements between PlayStation and Xbox.

As soon as we learn more about the team’s plans for the official launch, we’ll be sure to update this article with that information. There will be 28 additional characters introduced to the game in various DLC packs, according to Visual Concepts.


A Banzai Pack for WWE 2K22 Featured Wrestlers

The first of these will be the Banzai Pack, which includes five new wrestlers that can be unlocked. Those that download the Banzai Pack will be able to access the following WWE wrestlers: Yokozuna, Umaga, Rikishi, Olmos, and Kacy Catanzaro.

All of the DLC packs have been confirmed by Visual Concepts to be part of the Season Pass, however, they can also be purchased separately. Deluxe and nWo 4-Life Editions include the Season Pass.

WWE 2K22’s upcoming DLC, The Most Wanted Pack, will be released on May 17 and includes these wrestlers: Cactus Jack, The Boogeyman, Vader, and Ilja Dragunov. Below we have mentioned the release dates of all the packs.

The Banzai Pack Will Be Released on April 26th

  • Yokozuna
  • Umaga
  • Rikishi
  • Omo
  • Yokozuna

Among the newcomers are three superheavyweights from the past, as well as a pair of current stars. WWE 2K22’s base roster had no Omos despite the fact that he had already won gold in the WWE’s main roster. In WWE 2K22, Kacy Catanzaro contributes to the improvement of a sluggish female squad.

Three members of the Anoa’i family make up the bulk of the DLC. One of the greatest WWF wrestlers of the 1990s, Yokozuna was followed by Umaga and Rikishi in the 2000s.

Most Wanted Pack Will Be Released on May 17th

  • Vader
  • Ilja Dragunov
  • Indi Hartwell
  • Cactus Jack;
  • The Boogeyman

The Deadliest Face of Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, will join the game alongside WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling icon Vader in the Most Wanted Pack.

Indi Hartwell, an NXT wrestler, joins Kacy Catanzaro as a new option for the women’s roster. Ilja Dragunov, NXT UK Champion, and The Boogeyman will also be part of the group. After WWE 2K Battlegrounds and WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007, this is only The Boogeyman’s third game appearance in WWE video games.

Clowning Around Pack Will Be Released on June 28th

  • Doink the Clown
  • Ronda Rousey
  • The British Bulldog
  • Mr. T
  • Doudrop
  • Rick Boogs

Doink the Clown was given the title treatment in WWE 2K22’s fourth scheduled DLC pack, despite the fact that he is one of the most well-known names in WWE history. Along with The British Bulldog and Mr. T, there are two more throwbacks to be found here. Wrestling aficionados of the 1990s will recognize the British Bulldog and Mr. T from their appearances in the main event of Wrestlemania 1.

Three wrestlers that weren’t on the WWE 2K22 base roster have joined him. They include Ronda Rousey, who has a good chance of being the main event at Wrestlemania 2022.

Along with Shinsuke Nakamura, Rick Boogs has been a regular face on WWE TV recently, while Doudrop has been given important booking in the women’s division. Anyone can speculate why these three characters are being offered as DLC rather than being included in the WWE 2K22 roster.

The Whole Dam Package Will Be Released on July 19th

  • Rob Van Dam
  • Logan Paul
  • Machine Gun Kelly
  • LA Knight;
  • Xia Li;
  • Commander Azeez.

Logan Paul and Machine Gun Kelly make cameos in WWE 2K22’s final downloadable content pack. Machine Gun Kelly has only made rare appearances on key WWE shows in the last year, whereas Logan Paul has been a regular fixture. When Kevin Owens power bombed him off the WWE entrance ramp in 2015, that was the closest he has come to wrestling.

In addition to Commander Azeez, Xia Li, and LA Knight, there are three additions to the WWE family. Rob Van Dam, a former ECW and WWE champion, is the headliner of this DLC team.

WWE 2K22 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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