Xiaomi 67W Wireless Charging Technology Launching Soon

The latest leaks revealed that Xiaomi had developed two new smartphones that support 67W wireless charging technology.

Apart from all this, there have been leaks in the code for the beta version of the MIUI 12.5 update, which confirms that Xiaomi is on its way to launching two new smartphones (with the unknown model number) come with a new upgrade in wireless charging.

Is it Mi 11 Pro?

According to the innternet gurus the new phones in the beta version of the MIUI 12.5 update with the symbols “star” and “mars”. Moreover, as per the clues and expectations, we can assume that one of the two phones is the upcoming Mi 11 Pro version. Also, some leaks indicate that the other version will head to the market as Mi 11 Ultra.

The leaks also show the pairing of both phones in the same brand of Xiaomi versions. The model numbers end with the letters K1 and K1A. The numbers are also expected to refer to one phone with different market models. Both of these handsets will include a Snapdragon 888 processor chip.

It is reported that previous leaks indicated that Xiaomi introduces the Mi 11 Pro phone with a wireless charging capacity of 80W. In contrast, some expectations indicate that Xiaomi is developing this charger to be announced separately during the coming period.

Let’s see what Xiaomi is developing to amaze all of us. Recently they followed Apple’s footprint by removing the charger from the box. Or they will bring something that resembles Apple’s MagSafe? Or will they bring something better at the lowest price? We can’t say anything before the launch.

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