Xiaomi 80W Wireless Fast Charger Tops up a Battery in 19 Minutes

It seems that Xiaomi isn’t satisfied even after trolling Apple Inc for removing charger from the iPhone 12 series boxes. However, Xiaomi is already offering a 55W fast charger that isn’t enough fast now. Through a post on Chinese micro-blogging website, Weibo, the company has introduced an 80W wireless fast charger which can fully charge the battery in just 19 minutes. Apparently, there isn’t any news about a smartphone that can support Xiaomi 80W Wireless Fast Charger. But the post clearly mentions that the era of wireless charging will soon replace the wired charging trend.

In the video posted on the Weibo, the company’s VP illustrated the fast charging process of Xiaomi 80W Wireless Fast Charger. Along with the new looks, he claimed that this Wireless Fast Charger would break all the work records. As it is twice as fast as the next in line.

Xiaomi 80W Wireless Fast Charger

In the post, we have seen that this Fast Charger can fill a 4,000 mAh battery in just 19 minutes. If you are in a hurry then, you’ll be able to take the battery from 0 to 50 per cent in just 8 minutes.

Xiaomi 80W Wireless Fast Charger Launch Date

Neither from the company nor any leaks, there isn’t any claim about the launch date. Nevertheless, in the video, we have seen a modified Mi 10 Pro. The Smartphone was used to elaborate on the fast speed of 8W charging technology. It shows that the handset goes from 0 to 10% in just 1 minute. 10 to 50% in 8 minutes, then to reach 100% it just took 19 minutes.

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