Explore Yankee Game Injury: Who Was Injured at Yankee Stadium?

In this investigation of injuries sustained at Yankee games, you will learn about the most recent incidents that occurred at Yankee Stadium. Find out which players are currently sidelined with injuries and investigate the potential effects their absence could have on the club.

In just a few short phrases, you will be kept up to date on the status of each player on the Yankees roster. Please read this entire page for all information on the injury that occurred during the Yankee game.

Who is Injured at Yankee Stadium?

On Wednesday (5 July 2023) night, a cameraman was hit in the head by an errant throw from Baltimore Orioles rookie shortstop Gunnar Henderson and rushed to the hospital.

Henderson was trying to turn a double play in the fifth inning when he accidentally hit YES Network’s Pete Stendel, who was stationed near the New York Yankees’ dugout on the first-base side and directly in the path of Henderson’s high throw to first.

Stendel was reported to be awake and undergoing testing at the hospital after the game, according to YES. On Wednesday night, the network was not scheduled to release any new information.

Pete’s positive mood following his injury is captured in the tweet below:

About 17 minutes were lost to the game while the Yankees’ trainers and doctors attended to Stendel in the press box. Players from Baltimore came off the field and waited in their dugout while Henderson and the rest of the Yankees and Orioles looked on with obvious anxiety.

Yankee Game Injury

The crowd of 36,022 cheered wildly as Stendel, strapped on a stretcher, was driven along the warning track behind home plate while raising and waving two fingers. Yankees manager Aaron Boone said, “It was good to see him obviously coherent and obviously raise his hand.” “It was a terrifying experience. I really hope he’s okay.”

Brandon Hyde, the manager for Baltimore, agreed that it was a terrifying and “awful” experience. “He gave the peace sign coming off the field, but that was tough to watch and hopefully he’s OK,” Hyde added.

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Before the game resumed, Orioles starter Dean Kremer was given a few warmup throws. Anthony Volpe was able to reach second base thanks to an error by Henderson. New York went up 2-0 after his run was scored on a single by Kyle Higashioka with two outs.

Henderson was questioned about his emotional state following the game. “I’m doing pretty fine. Yeah, it sucks that happened to him, but it’s just trying to play the game hard. Sometimes that happens,” he said.

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