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Yellowjackets Finale: Co-Creator Ashley Lyle Dishes on Viewers’ Reactions to the Series

Showtime’s Yellowjackets season 2 ended surprisingly with a warning that things will only become “weirder.”

Co-creator Ashley Lyle commended the cast and crew for their “absolute asses off” labor in a Twitter thread published on Friday, May 26. Her decision to discontinue the drama with co-creator Bart Nickerson and the writers was met with backlash from viewers of the show about a group of high school soccer players who escape an airplane accident in the woods.

“So, I know that the Yellowjackets’ season finale was thrilling for some of you…and a few…. didn’t. Do all showrunners have to deal with death threats? Lyle tweeted about it. But, “I don’t need that one!” But I wanted to say thanks to everyone who rode along with us.

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