Yellowstone Season 1 Recap: Here’s What You Need To Know

Yellowstone Season 1: John Dutton (Kevin Costner), after escaping a terrible car wreck in the opening sequence of Yellowstone on the Paramount Network, apologises to a dying horse before shooting it in the head. Bananas for Yellowstone are guaranteed from that point on. Yellowstone Season 1 was loved by the fans.

The show combines elements of a western with drama, soap operas, and complete insanity. Yellowstone, which aired on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET, was the second most-watched cable show of the year, behind only The Walking Dead. This show is a mystery; it’s a melodrama that uses harmful “Cowboys & Indians” stereotypes and overdramatic, clichéd dialogues.

Although it premiered at a time when cable television programmes were on the decrease, it went on to become a commercial success. So, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with this phenomenon or who simply need a refresher, here is a rundown of the events of Yellowstone season 1.

The General Rundown

Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water) created Yellowstone, which follows the descendants of early 19th-century Montana immigrants, the Dutton family. Yellowstone Ranch, the largest working ranch in the United States, is owned and operated by them.

The Duttons have ongoing conflicts with land developers and a Native American group in Montana known as the Broken Rock Reservation over the division of their land (which the show problematically only refers to as “The Indians”). In other episodes of Yellowstone season 1, they delve into the problems that fracking has caused in their area. But as oppressive as it may sound, it only applies to the residents of Broken Rock.

In Yellowstone Season 1, John is the father of four children. Jamie, played by Wes Bentley, is a lawyer who lives in the city. He loves his family deeply, but he is growing increasingly distant since he does not agree with his family’s plans for Yellowstone. Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) is the sister of the Duttons and a brilliant financier who is mostly motivated by manipulation, fury, and pharmaceuticals.

Other characters include Dan Jenkins, a real estate developer interested in building on the Duttons’ land, and Thomas Rainwater, the new chief of the nearby Broken Rock Reservation.

Yellowstone Season 1 Recap Here’s What You Need To Know

Yellowstone Season 1 Recap

The Broken Rock reserve is challenging Yellowstone Ranch’s borders, which they see as arbitrary and the work of the Dutton family. They are under the impression that they have some legal claim to the property and livestock owned by the Duttons. In the premiere, a resident of Broken Rock kills John’s son Lee because cattle escaped, rapidly increasing the tensions between the two sides.

The Duttons’ downward spiral continues slowly for the rest of Yellowstone season 1. As if leading the assault against Broken Rock wasn’t bad enough, John also needs to keep a watch on Dan, a land developer who wants to buy Yellowstone Ranch to turn it into a building site. John has been keeping his cancer diagnosis a secret. While he is dying from cancer, he has the difficult duty of making sure his children are taken care of financially.

Beth, who is strongly dedicated to carrying on the family business, makes all the key decisions at Yellowstone. She spends the same amount of time getting to know Dan Jenkins as she does try to scare him away from the Dutton family ranch. As for her personal life, when she’s not doing business, she’s either sleeping with one of her father’s henchmen or binge drinking and smoking cigarettes.

After seeking revenge for his brother’s murder, Kayce finds himself doing the exact opposite of what he had planned for his life in the Broken Rock tribe. It all stems from Robert Long, Monica’s brother, murdering his brother. The Duttons and the other residents of Broken Rock become quite estranged as a result of this. After murdering Robert, Kayce falls further into madness and joins his father’s henchmen.

But then Monica gets caught in the middle of a fight in the schoolyard (!) where she teaches, and everything changes again. In the aftermath of his wife’s near-fatal brain injury in the hospital, Kayce realises the importance of putting his family first. When Monica cracks under the weight of the situation, things don’t work out so well.

Jamie, meantime, aspires to be the most moral member of the Dutton family, which isn’t too difficult, given the rest of them. Up until he is appointed Attorney General of Montana by the governor, Jamie is a lawyer who utilises his influence to safeguard Yellowstone. But at the same time, a reporter is investigating the Dutton family for their involvement in illicit activities like murder and influencing government officials.

Meanwhile, John thinks that Jamie’s job isn’t good for the family, so he gives his son an ultimatum: quit politics or be kicked out of the family. At the end of the season, Jamie chose the second option, and as he gets closer to becoming Attorney General, he is written out of the Yellowstone business. At the end of Yellowstone season 1, Jamie agrees to talk to the reporter, trying to put Yellowstone first, even if it means hurting his father.

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