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Yemen Make use of Solar for Electricity Amid War Power Cuts

When power supply was cut to Yemen’s capital four years ago after the war started, Ebrahim al-Faqih noticed a gap available in the market and started selling photovoltaic panels.

Faqih is part of booming photovoltaic industry-changing life, and power sustainability in Yemen, a developing country with limited rural energy access even before the war knocked out most of the national network.

“Even individuals who used to work selling food moved to work in photovoltaic power because of the high demand,” Faqih said from his store in Sanaa, selling photovoltaic water heaters and panels imported from India and China.

The UN estimates that solely 10% of the population had access to electricity after the war broke.

Many areas need pumps to bring consuming and irrigation water to the surface, and fuel shortages have made water troublesome to come by.

He sees photovoltaic power as a stop-hole measure for those who can get it and hopes everybody will have mains electricity when the battle ends.

Sanaa is managed by the Houthi movement, which removed internationally-acknowledged President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi from power in the capital in 2014. A Saudi-led alliance interrupted in 2015 and has carried out thousands of airstrikes.

There is no state electricity supply chain to Sanaa and numerous other areas, and buying a diesel generator or hooking as much as a neighborhood generator is polluting and too costly for many individuals.

South of the capital in the Houthi-ruled rural Dhamar region, Omar Homadi farms vegetables, corn, and the narcotic green leaf qat.


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