Yono Clip Net Worth 2022: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Yono Clip Net Worth

Yono Clip Net Worth: People are more aware of germs and their own hygiene these days. Therefore, Bob Mackey and Michael Green created the Yono Clip, a suction hanger that prevents things from touching unclean surfaces. Yono Clip net worth has increased over time.

After pitching their product to FUBU co-founder Daymond John on “Shark Tank,” they ultimately reached an agreement with him. Yono Clip is expected to be valued at $400,000 in 2022.  Below is every detail about Yono Clip net worth.


Both Michael Green and Bob Mackey were born and raised in the Atlanta area. Michael attended Morehouse College and graduated with a BA in English and Linguistics. He’s been a teacher and the head of Science for Everyone, Inc. since 2001.

Mackey dropped out of high school, but he later decided to complete his education by enrolling in a TED programme at a university. After that, he headed the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia in his role as chief executive officer and inventor.

Around 2010, at a STEM festival, was when the two first met. Both of them were inspirational speakers whose goal was to motivate young people. They quickly became good friends after being introduced.

yono clip net worth
yono clip net worth

Bob is an avid gym-goer who once fell over a bag left on the floor. Instead of being discouraged, he had an idea for a hanging gadget. He first drew it on a paper towel and thought it was wonderful. His next step was to share the concept on social media.

There were a lot of responses, but Michael Green’s was the most enlightening. Because of this, two men in Atlanta created the Yono Clip, a suction-based hanger that can be attached to almost any flat, curved, or slanted surface. Using a 3D printer, they produced the initial units, which hit the market in 2020. Two months after its introduction, the company had earned $14,500 in sales and had raised $10,000 in a single day via Kickstarter.

Appearance on “Shark Tank”

Michael and Bob wanted to switch from 3D printing to moulded manufacturing. They needed funding, so they went on Shark Tank season 12 and offered $150,000 for 15% equity.

The entrepreneurs gave a presentation so full of life that the Sharks broke out into dance. The Sharks were impressed by how far they’d come in just two months once they got down to business.

Several of them, however, ultimately decided to opt out since they could not see the product’s usefulness. After hearing their story, Daymond John offered them $150,000 for a 30% stake. The founders fought the transaction at first but ultimately gave in. Yono Clip net worth has increased over time.

Since Yono Clip was on Shark Tank, there hasn’t been much news about it. The pandemic had an effect on Yono Clip’s manufacturing and distribution, as it did on many other enterprises. This is disappointing because the product’s attraction grows over this time.

Some orders take 30 days or longer to arrive, which may be why it only has 1.33 stars on SharkTankShopper.com. You can only get this product directly from YonoClip.net. Until they resolve their most pressing concerns, a release on Amazon is quite improbable.

They have 1,500+ Instagram followers and roughly 2,600+ Facebook likes. When compared to how great their pitch was, these results are disappointing.  Yono Clip generates an estimated $400,000 per year in revenue. Yono Clip’s founders were great individuals, so perhaps the company can recover.

Yono Clip net worth is estimated to be $400,000.

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