Young Royals Season 2- Release Date Status, Plot, Cast, And Other Information 

Young Royals was only recently released on Netflix, but fans who binge-watched the six-part series are already wondering if a second season is in the works. Many commentators have linked Young Royals to popular television dramas such as “Crown,” “Elite,” and “Gossip Girl.” The show is also benefiting from excellent reviews from critics.  Wilhelms, I hope, favorite hoperivals’toe ended on an unexpected note, giving plenty of room for a sequel. So, for the time being, Young Royals fans have nothing to be concerned about.

The boarding school series follows Prince Wilhelm; a Swedish prince sent to a famous school after being involved in a major incident. He rubs elbows with the country’s most privileged teenagers there, but as the series progresses, he only has eyes for Simon, a scholarship student who is shunned by the rest of the school. It is a typical candy-sweet teenage drama and was watched by almost 60% of Netflix subscribers. Usually,y stories like these have more than two sequels. With the popularity Season one of the young royals got, we have to be sure about season 2. 

Release date

Season 2 of the show has yet to receive formal confirmation. Season 2 has elicited no response from the show’s creators. However, some possibilities give us reason to believe that season 2 will be released. If you watched the conclusion episode of Young Royals season 1, you’d know that the story was left unfinished, and it will undoubtedly be continued. Shows with a similar genre – to all the boys, kissing booth, etc. were taken ahead with further seasons. This suggests that the show’s creators willingly left the tale unfinished to bring the show back for a second season.


If the drama returns for a second season, audiences may see all of the big cast members return. The following is a list of the cast members and their roles:

Characters  Played by 
Prince Wilhelm  Edvin Ryding
August Malte Grdinger
Sara Frida Argento
Felicie Nikita Uggla 
Nils Samuel Astor
Simon Omar Rudberg
Investigation Pernilla August.


The show swirls around a young royal prince who enrolls in a boarding school and attempts to adjust to his new surroundings. When he speculated he was all set, circumstances intervened, compelling him to choose between duty and love.

Young Royals Season 2
Young Royals Season 2

Young Royals is a predictable but well-written romp through the ups and downs of young love. The show focuses on same-sex relationships and the complex sentiments and thoughts that might arise from them. After a sensational video of him fighting in a bar goes viral, Prince Wilhelm is forced to enroll in a new boarding school named Hillerska. 

He meets Simon there, with whom he begins a secret romance that lasts the entire season. We saw that a secret race was made viral by August to humiliate the couple. However, In the end, it’s prudent for August to reimburse Simon entirely. Wilhelm, who utilizes his connections to sort out August’s estate, resolves August’s grave financial situation. 

Wilhelm eventually hugged Simon in front of everyone at the last minute. But then he was driven off for the holidays. The first season’s storey comes to a close here. Let’s see what’s waiting for us to explore behind season 2.  We’re sure that season 2 will be focusing on Simon and Wilhelms’s relationship. Also, we can see the cute chemistry between Sarah and August as well. The ending of the season left us all hanging on the bark of curiosity. We can only do things as of now and that’s to expect the best. Let’s hope Netflix doesn’t ruin the next plot. 


Young royals gang raise your hands if you just can’t wait for the young royals season 2! The show was a lot of fun. The LGBTQ+ characters made it even more interesting. It is realistic, enjoyable and thrilling to watch. Teenage school comedy romance is everybody’s favourite. 

Hope that young rivals season 2 caters with all our expectations.  

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