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Your First Look at Freeform’s New Series Single Drunk Female

Recently, Freeform has released the latest trailer for its upcoming comedy series Single Drunk Female. It features twenty-something former alcoholic Samantha Fink as Sofia Black-D’Elia who is surviving a world where she can no longer drink alcohol.

The show, which was created by Simone Finch and released on Freeform on January 20 before hitting Hulu’s collection on January 21, also explores rehabilitation and going back to life after drinking.

After crashing her car into a bus who is extremely drunk, and almost stunning a coworker with a landline phone, Sam is struggling with rehabilitation in the new trailer. It is difficult for her to give up drinking when everything around her is pressuring her to drink like her friends want her to go out and party again. 

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She was forced to live with her overprotective mother, and returning home is even harder than she thought, as she finds out her best friend is marrying her ex-boyfriend, and she is continuously harassed by alcohol in her daily life.

Single Drunk Female

She begins working at a local grocery store to try to pick up the pieces in the meantime, even though she is occasionally caught sleeping on the tables because, after all, being a person is difficult.

We have featured a few members of Single Drunk Female with a brief explanation in the area below:

Single Drunk Female is set to premiere on Freeform on January 20 with two back-to-back episodes which are followed by a Hulu premiere on January 21.

Official Synopsis

In the official trailer, we witnessed that after a violent car outburst at a New York media business, Samantha Fink played as Sofia Black-D’Elia who is a 20-something alcoholic, is forced to take the last chance as she has to stand up straight and escape jail time while, coming home with her alcoholic mother, Carol as Ally Sheedy. 

Samantha restarts her life in Greater Boston, working at a small grocery shop while being surrounded by all of the challenges that led her to drink in the first place. Faced with remains of her previous life, including run-ins with her wonderful former best friend, who is now dating her ex, Samantha decides to travel to find her best self. You may follow us for more fun news and updates.

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