Your Lie in April Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and latest updates

It’s been a long and we have not heard anything on one of our favorite romantic dramas. Are you also wondering about all the latest updates on the series? If yes, then continue reading the blog.

Your Lie in April is been the fan favorite because of the romantic drama and after the season 1, many were excited to have the show in their list for the second season. However, contrary to fans’ expectations, the series is not renewed yet. Your Lie in April is an adaptation of the dramatic comedy manga written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa. This adaptation of the series was produced by A-1 Pictures and was released in 2014, followed by an OVA in 2015. The story of the show portrays a young man named Kosei Arima who is a pianist but loses the ability to listen to the piano after his mother’s demise. The manga received mixed reviews but when it came to the series, it was appreciated all over. Fans and critics both enjoyed the rivalry among the pianists for its unique concept and soundtracks.  

But the wait of fans is not over yet, as there is no official statement released by the makers for the upcoming season. Let’s figure out the probable chances of it’s renewal.

Will we ever have season 2?

Followed by OVA, season one aired in 2014 and no information for season two has been released by the team.

If you search the web for updates, you will get to know that there are a lot of rumors on the show revival, however nothing has been officially confirmed and the chances of an extension of the show are quite less. The show ended on a note of Kaori’s death, which could be said to be a concrete ending; however, there were a few open ends too, which the makers could think of to weave it properly.

As the informal news of the show renewal is circulating, which is not officially confirmed but if we consider that we might get the season 2 somewhere around 2023 or a bit before.It is totally dependent on the makers to revive the season, for which the probability seems less. No wonder if we get the season back , fan demand would be a major reason. We have to hold on for sometime until anything official comes out but we can keep our fingers crossed for this romantic plot.

Who could be part of Season2 ?

The characters of season 1 were commendable and we can expect their return if the story continues, however the story ended concretely so it is certain that the whole cast would not return but we could have some protagonists again with the additional faces. At this point of time it is pretty difficult to make a guess of it. We will surely share the information, when it is published by the makers.


No information is available on the storyline of the season 2, and at this stage it seems  tricky to assume the upcoming plot. If the season gets renewed it would again entertain the same way as season 1 did.

Your Lie in April Season 2
Your Lie in April Season 2

Your Lie In April serves the story of Kosei Arima who is a talented piano student and is  famous among all other child musicians. He follows the spirit of tough competition and wishes to be the best. But the fortune does not wish the same, his mother Saki dies during a piano recital. Due to this, he can no longer bear to hear the sound of a piano and this incident also repeats in his life. A beautiful girl named Kaori who always admired Kosei, assists him to bring him back to the music world, on which she succeeds. But later another tragic incident happens when Kosei loses his beloved Kaori as well. He then discovers that Kaori always wanted to play piano with him and spread joy, as she had some feelings for Kosei.

With this heart-wrenching plot the story ends, however fans still want to know how Kosei will lead his life further. If the show continues, we might encounter another beautiful story.

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Trailer for the season 2 is not released as the show has not received any hints for renewal. If the season renews then only we could get the trailer two months before its release. We will share the trailer if we get it officially, however you may find some fan based teasers floating on the internet. You can also revive the memories of season 1. It is difficult to say what the makers have in their mind, but we will inform you accordingly.

No wonder Your Lie in April is a popular and fan loved show because it has a beautiful story that is packed with the music, romance, joy and emotions. We are also excited but hints for its official renewal are yet to arrive. We will be back with more scoops, stay tuned.

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