YouTube Go Will no Longer be Available in August

A light version is currently available for the majority of widely used social media apps. These apps are intended for low-end phones with limited memory and for use in locations with intermittent or non-existent Internet access.

YouTube also has a light version of its app known as YouTube Go, which is a smaller version of the full edition of the app.

Lite applications, like YouTube Go, are stripped-down versions of their full counterparts.

Must go for-

In order to avoid the usual YouTube app distractions, this application has been created specifically for first-generation Internet users who wish to view intriguing and popular YouTube videos. Use this version to keep track of your data use and to make video sharing easier when you are offline.

So the functionalities are accessible to the user and are not hidden away in the settings. YouTube’s revamped Android app removes all of the clutter and makes offline video viewing a joy.

Users must enter their phone numbers into the YouTube Go app in order to find out which of their connections also have the app installed. You must do this step if your Google account does not have a phone number associated with it.

You must do this step if your Google account does not have a phone number associated with it.

Youtube Go and Youtube App

  •  Only available on Android

YouTube Go, in contrast to the conventional YouTube app, is only accessible on Android. It cannot be accessed from a PC or an iOS device.

YouTube Go will no longer be available in August
YouTube Go will no longer be available in August

In places where it is available, Android users can get this application from the Play Store and install it on their devices. Sideloading it through the APKMirror website is an option if it is unavailable in your country.

  • Preview the Video

Many YouTube videos have misleading titles, and it is only after you view them for a few seconds that you discover they are counterfeit. The problem is now resolved thanks to YouTube Go.

In the YouTube Go app, tapping a video starts a brief preview so you may examine the content and quality of the video.

  • You can save videos for offline viewing by downloading them

YouTube Go is built for offline videos, whereas the usual YouTube app concentrates on online content. It allows Android users to download YouTube videos for free, a function that is only available in a limited number of countries in the normal app.

The videos you download are yours to view as many times as you like. Because YouTube protects the videos on your smartphone with encryption, you can only see them via the YouTube Go app.

  • Keep an eye on your storage and data usage

YouTube Go is an app that is designed to save on data consumption. Since it was designed for areas with poor connectivity and high mobile data costs, it provides complete transparency on the amount of data spent.


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Video quality and data requirements are displayed when a video is selected for playback or download. You can see how much space you have on your device if you wish to download the video.

Depending on the state of your Internet connection and the quantity of storage space on your device for offline videos, you can select from a variety of video formats each time.

YouTube Go Will no Longer be Available in August

YouTube Go will be discontinued in August. Due to its waning utility, the YouTube Team has decided to discontinue its lightweight alternative to the main app.

As a result of the prevalence of low-end phones that could not operate YouTube’s main app as well as more costly ones, the Go app was created for those consumers. There have been a number of performance enhancements to the main YouTube app since the launch of Go in 2016.

Improved performance on low-end devices and on sluggish networks is made possible by some of these enhancements. A new function to help users reduce their mobile data usage if they only have restricted access is also being developed, although no date has been set for its release.

In order to use the dark theme, comment, post, and create content, you’ll need to download the full version of the app.

The beta version of YouTube Go was first launched in India and Indonesia in 2017 before being made available to everyone else. More than 130 nations were added to the list of countries where the 10MB app can be downloaded in 2018. Now is the time to say goodbye.

As 9to5Google points out, this raises doubts about the future of Android Go. Although the OS helps low-cost phones to run faster, the core Android platform may be able to run as efficiently on low-end smartphones in the future.

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