Youtuber Slick Goku Death: What Caused The Untimely Demise Of Popular Youtuber?

Slick Goku is a popular american Youtuber who also goes by the name Reggie Groover. Due to his hilarious take on the Dragon Ball character Goku, he gained a massive fan base. After first signing up in December 2018, his videos have been seen over 43 million times by over 200k subscribers.

When he started his YouTube channel, he posted meme videos and anime parodies. However, the sad news is that the star has passed away. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Youtuber Slick Goku Death.

Youtuber Slick Goku Death

On January 21, 2023, it was reported that popular YouTuber Slick Goku had passed away, putting an end to months of rumours about his health. His loved ones confirmed his passing and shared the link to the GoFundMe page set up to help with the funeral expenses. More than 250,000 people had subscribed to Slick Goku’s channel and his videos had received tens of millions of views in the four years since he first uploaded them to YouTube.

Many of Slick Goku’s fans were caught off guard by his unexpected death. So, did the YouTuber end up dead? When did he pass away, and why did it happen? Continue reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about it.

Youtuber Slick Goku Death
Youtuber Slick Goku Death

What Caused The Death Of Reggie Groover, Aka Slick Goku ?

Since it was widely reported that Reggie Groover, better known as Slick Goku, had passed away, many have wondered what ultimately proved to be his demise. There were rumours of his death on January 19, 2023, and the formal announcement came two days later.

There is no mention of how Reggie passed away on the GoFundMe website, however voice actor Freddie Heinz said on Twitter that Reggie had suffered a “severe stroke” before his passing. You can also check Actor Leslie Jordan Death.

His death appeared to be unexpected for all intents and purposes. The GoFundMe page has raised almost $20,000, so far, and the post claims that Reggie died with “family around him.” The next section of the page pays tribute to the legacy he left behind, which includes his channel as well as the people whose lives he had impacted. You may also be interested in Bam Margera Cause Of Death.

“Reggie had a creative soul,” the page reads. “He created his own YouTube Community and worked diligently to create his own videos. Anywhere Reggie would go he would make friends. Reggie was the kind of man that would support those he cared about. Reggie is a dependable man who is dedicated to improving himself. Reggie enjoyed living life to the fullest. He loved running, swimming, and skateboarding.”

YouTubers And Fans Have Reacted And Have Paid Tribute To The Star

Reggie’s death is being mourned not only by his immediate family and friends, but also by the online community he helped to create. Most notably, he became popular for his short animated movies set in a parallel universe to Dragon Ball Z. Because of the videos, he was able to connect with a large audience that appreciated his work as an animator and comedian.

Someone said online, “Just heard about the passing of Reggie Groover aka Slick Goku passing away. He was such a great entertainer and I was stunned after hearing this. Rest in Paradise king. Much love to his family and friends.”

Another person commented, “I want to say thanks for all of the videos you made, you will be missed. RIP Slick Goku.”

Best buddy and voice actor for the Dragon Ball Z character Vegeta, JB Coleman, said that Reggie was there for him through all of life’s “tough times.” He was described as a “one-of-a-kind” individual who inspired the best in those around him. You can also read Mark Capps Cause Of Death.

He described him as a huge dreamer and recounted their many lengthy phone conversations in which they opened up about their lives and ambitions. Coleman continued, expressing his regret at losing contact with his best friend Reggie:

“I worked with him many years and I saw peoples face light up when they would meet him he brought light to this dark world and everyone will feel the loss.”

Reggie was clearly adored by his friends and family, as well as the many fans who never met him. Those who followed him online up to his death have expressed their deep sadness at his passing. According to the current information on the GoFundMe page, the funeral for Reggie is planned for January 28. You can also have a look at Anita Pointer Cause Of Death.

The family has stated on the GoFundMe page that more information would be shared by them over the next week. For Groover’s funeral, donations have topped $20,000 so far. The information shown here is accurate as of the date of publishing.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Youtuber Slick Goku death. He was one of the most loved Youtubers who shared meme videos and anime based skits on his channel. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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