Zenless Zone Zero Release Date Status

Zenless Zone Zero’s beta phase kicks off this week, and the full release is scheduled for August; find out if you’re still in time to sign up before it’s too late!

The team behind Genshin Impact is back with a new game called Zone Zero, which features a more futuristic setting.

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Genshin Impact will be fascinating regardless, especially considering the anime influences that will undoubtedly be present.

Zenless Zone Zero Beta Test Release Date

Zenless Zone Zero will release at 10 a.m. (UTC+8) on August 5, 2022.

Since the test has no definitive end date, we have no idea how much content will be made available during it.

There will be no more opportunities to join the Zenless Zone Zero beta after this week.

Registration for the website’s official survey, which was part of the application process, is also closed as of the end of July, when the hiring process was finalized. Therefore, access will be severely restricted for those who did not sign up.

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date
Zenless Zone Zero Release Date

MiHoYo has announced that this month’s “Zero” beta will be a closed beta with a fixed number of accounts and no payment options. The testing phase results will not be incorporated into the final product.

“This test represents Zenless Zone Zero’s first small-scale tuning test,” reads a statement from the Zone Zero team. Since Zenless Zone Zero is still in development, the information available during the beta testing phase may not represent the final product.

This beta is only available on PC and iOS, so console and Android users must sit this out.

A final release date for the game has not been announced, but more testing is planned before release. Fans, however, are hoping that additional gaming platforms will get access to Zenless once it’s released in full.

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