Our Team

Emily Altman
Chief Editor

Emily Altman is the Editor-in-Chief of Green Energy Analysis. Emily-with her Husband- Altman Kennedy, started Green Energy Analysis with a goal to publish news stories regarding environment protection and educate the masses. She holds a masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Stanford University. Before moving on to starting her own news portal, Mrs. Altman was working as a copy desk editor at The Newyorkers’.

Emily is currently pursuing Environmental studies. Emily has helped design CSR activities for over hundreds of companies. While performing her duties as Editor-in-chief, she also takes part in Environmental drives.

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Phone: +1 208-894-9568

Craig O'Connor
Sub Editor

Craig O’Connor is the senior most member and a Sub-editor at Green Energy Analysis. Craig has been part of Green Energy Analysis since the time of inception. From tapping key personnel from respective fields to giving out of the box story ideas, he tops the ranking.

Craig is an Environmentalist having a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He began his career in a Chemical factory, and later, moved on to learning Environmental studies. Along with Emily, Craig also participates in several Environmental drives.

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Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson is an awarded Journalist and previously has worked for several renowned newspapers. At Green Energy Analysis, he leads a section- Renewable Energy. There is a team of three journalists assisting him. Joseph thoroughly analyses every news article before sending for publishing. Following on his belief that ‘single man can cause a huge difference’, Joseph has published several impeccable case studies on subjects concerning nature.

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Lisa Harr

Lisa Harr leads the Non Renewable section. She holds a degree in Chemistry. There are four trainee journalists who perform their duties under Lisa’s guidance. Lisa edits articles written by them as well as writes in the Sunday opinion column.   

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Phone: +1 208-753-5986

Margaret Peterson

Margaret is an automobile engineer with a passion for E-vehicles as well as E-gadgets. Leading a team of two trainee journalists, Margaret also helps the organization with operational duties. She is a voracious reader as well as a keen observer of developing e-tech. 

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Phone: +1 208-486-1596

Benjamin Conner

Benjamin leads the Sustainable Development column, with a team of two enthusiastic reporters. Benjamin holds a Masters in Business Administration and a degree in commerce. Along with leading a Section-Sustainable development, Benjamin also strategizes CSR for Green Energy Analysis.   

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Phone: +1 208-159-2684