Bobby Brown Divorce: When did His Officially End their Marriage With Witney Houston?

In 1989, Brown and Houston initially connected at the Soul Train Music Awards. Brown asked Houston to be his wife in 1991. On July 18, 1992, the couple tied the knot at Houston’s New Jersey estate. The two were formerly together. However, they later broke up. If you want to know why they split up, read this post.

When did Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Officially end their Marriage?

Brown’s 2016 memoir “Being Bobby Brown” has a chapter devoted to Brown’s time spent in Houston. He penned,

“I was having none of Whitney trying to stop me from beatἰng up the dealer. When I saw her, I whirled around, put my palm on the table and strμck her in the face. At that same moment, I was taken aback and filled with remorse.”

Bobby Brown Divorce

Being Bobby Brown, a reality series featuring Brown, which premiered on A&E. Houston, said that the program was to blame for the breakdown of her relationship with her husband. All I wanted was for everyone to know that I was his wife.

When asked about it, Houston said:

“I was really channeling Mrs. Bobby Brown. I was attempting to make a point. To paraphrase, The media isn’t going to win. Doing that is not in your plans. There was a wedding. We both felt an intense romantic connection.”

We were madly, deeply in love with one another. As a result of the ensuing conflict, important details were overlooked, and catastrophe followed. I felt let down by the Marriage. So, I was beginning to feel like a shell of my former self. Then why did Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown end their relationship?

After almost 15 years of Marriage, Houston and Brown divorced in September 2006. They filed for divorce on April 24, 2007, ending their Marriage.

Houston called the Fulton County Police on December 7, 2003, four years before she and Brown divorced. She said Brown had struck her with his open right hand, cutting her lip and bruising her left face.

A police officer from Fulton County revealed:

“It was a verbal confrontation which escalated to a physἰcal confrontation. Before the cops could arrive, Brown had already fIed the scene. Brown was formally charged with one count of vἰolence on December 10, 2003, three days after his arrest.”

After appearing in court with a laceration on her face, Houston assured the media, “We’re still together.” Brown said Houston attἀcked him instead of his attἀcking her in an interview in 2004. He said, “She struck me, Something was thrown at me, Things got worse.”

Houston explained the red flags that led to her breakup with Brown in the interview above with Winfrey. Houston says their relationship began deteriorating in December 2004 when Brown slapped him many times. The first divorce filing by Houston from Brown was made in 2006.

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