Damon Dash Net Worth: Is He Currently Encountered In Any Legal Trouble?

American actor, businessman, and music producer Damon Dash. Since 1996, he has been associated with the Roc-A-Fella record label. He has put in a lot of effort, worked on numerous films, and collaborated with well-known musicians during his career.

We now want to know how much money he has and whether he is facing any legal issues.

Damon Dash Net Worth

One guy who used to work in the music industry is Damon Dash. Together with his friend Jay-Z, he helped found the well-known record label Roc-A-Fella Records. They also launched the Rocawear apparel line, which went on to become incredibly popular and fetch high prices.

But in recent times, Damon Dash has had financial difficulties. He was required to inform a New York judge that his numerous debts to various parties prevented him from being able to pay child support.

Damon Dash Net Worth
Damon Dash Net Worth

This occurred as a result of his investments in numerous unsuccessful ventures, including managing talent and producing motion pictures. In summary, Damon Dash was once a major figure in the music and fashion industries, but his financial problems stemmed from the failure of some of his business endeavours.

Damon Dash Early Life

On May 3, 1971, Damon Dash was born in Harlem, New York. He attended New York’s private schools. He discovered as a child that he was a music lover.

He worked as a newspaper salesman and barbershop cleaner as a youngster to pay for t-shirts and sneakers. He claimed that his mother taught him the value of hard labour, but regrettably, she died when he was just fifteen years old.

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Damon Dash Impressive Career

Rapper Jay-Z and actor Damon Dash founded Roc-A-Fella Records together. Damon used to manage Jay-Z in addition to being his business partner there. Jay-Z got approximately $19 million on a tour that Damon arranged for him in 1999.

Damon’s wealth increased dramatically when Roc-A-Fella Records gained immense popularity. At one point, his net worth reached $50 million. However, the happy days were short-lived.

Following Roc-A-Fella Records’ 2004 acquisition by Def Jam Recordings, their friendship soured. Jay-Z took over as Def Jam’s president. Subsequently, towards the end of 2005, Jay-Z acquired Damon’s portion of Rocawear, their apparel line. Their relationship officially terminated as a result of these things.

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Who is Damon Dash Wife?

In the past, Damon Dash has been in several partnerships. He was in a relationship with R&B artist Aaliyah from 2000 until her untimely death in an August 2001 plane crash. Even though they hadn’t announced their engagement, Damon had stated in interviews that they intended to tie the knot.

Later, from 2005 to 2009, he wed Rachel Roy. They first got together while she was an intern at Rocawear. Together, they produced two daughters: Tallulah Dash (born in 2008) and Ava Dash (born in 1999). However, they had a contentious argument about who should care for the children after their 2009 divorce.

Rachel received full custody of the children, a restraining order, and financial assistance after accusing Damon of abusing her. Damon and his ex-girlfriend Linda Williams had a son named Dame “Boogie” Dash in 1991. Boogie appears on the WE TV reality series “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

Dusko Dash, who was born on November 14, 2020, is the son of Damon and his fiancée, Raquel Horn.

Damon Dash Financial Problems

Damon Dash faced significant financial difficulties during his divorce from Rachel Roy. He was going to lose two residences in New York City and owe $2 million in back taxes. Some people, including some New York City law firms, were suing him because he hadn’t paid them.

Due to his inability to make the $700 monthly payments, he even lost his Chevy Tahoe. His $9 million Tribeca, New York home forced him to move out, and it sold for a somewhat lower $5.5 million. Simultaneously, his pal Jay-Z sold their clothing firm, Rocawear, for an enormous $219 million.

The mother of his kid Boogie, Linda Williams, required $50,000 from Damon in 2014 as she had run afoul of the law in 2009 due to him. Then, it was discovered in August 2015 that Damon owed the state of New York $4.14 million in overdue taxes.

To cease paying child support, Damon appeared in court in September 2019. During his divorce, he had committed to paying $6,000 a month even after his kids reached 18. However, he claimed that he only made $56,000 in 2018, whereas Rachel made over $500,000.

Damon’s arrest occurred in November 2019 due to nonpayment of $400,000 in unpaid child support. To get out of jail, he had to pay almost $1 million. He claimed after that month that he was once more bankrupt and was unable to cover a $2,400 personal loan.

He said that his firm was the only source of income for him, but it was losing money. In a litigation with producer Lee Daniels, he also received $2 million; however, creditors withheld the money. Damon received an order in March 2019 to pay $341,991 to Rachel Roy along with $25,000 to cover her legal bills.

Damon Dash Legal Issues

Rapper Curren$y filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against Damon Dash in 2012, claiming that Damon had published his music without authorization. Legally, according to Damon’s attorney, the song was released.

Jay-Z and Damon Dash settled in June 2022. It concerned Damon’s attempt to market his contribution to the debut album of a record company, “Reasonable Doubt,” as an NFT, a unique digital product. Jay-Z had used a restraining order to prevent Damon from doing it earlier.

A jury largely acquitted Damon Dash of a s*xual assault charge at the beginning of 2023. In 2019, Monique Bunn filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that during a video shoot at his place, he s*xually grabbed her while she was sleeping.

She initially requested a large sum of money, but the jury only awarded her $30,000 in damages since they did not hold Damon accountable for all of her losses.

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