Diabolik Lovers’ Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

Fans are eagerly anticipating season 3 of the Japanese horror anime series, Diabolik lovers’ or Diaborikku Ravazu, ever since the last season left them in a frenzy with a cliffhanger. This horror anime was first released in 2013 but was an adaptation of an engaging fiction game for Play station released in October 2012.

Diabolik lovers gained rampant popularity among fans mostly because of it being a game adaptation and this led to the creation of a second season which aired in September 2015. It’s been five years down the line and fans are still pinning their hopes to see the series being renewed for a season 3.

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Diabolik Lovers’ Season 3

Will There Be a Diabolik Lovers’ Season 3?

Despite the growing fanbase, Diabolik lovers have quite a poor IMDB rating of 5.8/10 as the show’s seemingly confusing plot wasn’t received well by critics. The creators, however, aren’t too worried about the show’s rating as it was primarily released as a clever marketing tactic to just promote the game and since they had profited from the first season, Zexcs Studios continued with a second season. As for the Diabolik lovers’ season 3, we can still be hopeful because as the games keep releasing it is very likely that the anime adaptations will continue.

However, it’s been rumored that the game sales couldn’t improve so if the whole point of the show was to promote the game maybe the creators aren’t eager to spend more time and money on a Diabolic lovers’ season 3 . We can’t say anything for sure but the game franchise won’t be wrapping up any soon so there’s still a lot of content in store for the creators to likely create another season for their desperate fans.

The Diabolik Lovers’ Plot:

The anime revolves around a 17-year-old, high school girl, Yui Komori, whose ill fate lands her in a perplexing life. In her second year of high school, Yui’s father lands a job and she has to transfer to a night school which as the story tells was inhabited by vampires. Yui was a perfectly happy girl but she becomes increasingly scared as she begins experiencing paranormal activity and seeing ghosts. The bizarre events further unfold as Yui’s father orders her to move into a deserted mansion that was home to the six Sakamaki siblings. She is unaware that these siblings named Shuu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, and Subaru are not humans but vampires.

The siblings are equally surprised to see a young girl willing to live with them and decide that Yui will be their sacrificial wife. Yui becomes more and more uncomfortable and puzzled unable to demystify why her father left her here. She soon tries to escape only to be found again by the brothers and so begins her journey into the world of pain and ecstasy. But it doesn’t just end here, Yui finds herself in more trouble with recurring mysterious dreams and meets with an accident where she learns their meaning.

Adding to the already raving chaos, she ends up meeting the Mook brothers who are also vampires who later kidnap her, thinking she is ‘Eve’. Thirsty for her blood, they plan to use Yui to take over the world but it is revealed in a twist that the Sakamaki brothers are looking to hunt down the Mukami brothers and will not rest unless they defeat their plans.

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Possible Release Date and Cast:

The Diabolik lovers’ season 3 cast has not yet been revealed but it is possible that Yui Komori, the Six Sakamaki brothers, and the four Mukami siblings will constitute the lead cast. We haven’t heard any official announcement of a third season from the creators yet but we can always hope that the third season will drop in by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. Let’s hope we hear some good news for the fans soon.

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  1. Fatima abdirizak mahdi

    I hope and want in the end of year 2021 the seasons three to be finished and ready to watch it so when you heard any formation about it please tell me please thanks for your effort

  2. I really like this anime and it’s not just me. This anime just is very funny, scary and the same time is so emotional. Just this anime deserve season 3 and the fans will be very happy to see it and me too. The strange little live between Ayato and Yui is deserved to see more of them. The final of season 2 was very interest because the mukamis siblings and sakamaki brothers have to be together for protect Yui. And that protect we probably have to see in season 3 who is not exist 😕

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