Tammy And George Divorce: Did She Divorced George Jones To Quit Drinking

Tammy And George Divorce: Even after marrying Tammy Wynette, George Jones continued to drink heavily. And his third wife’s happiness was so severely affected by the addiction that she filed for divorce to try to pressure him to quit.

Wynette told PEOPLE, “This is it,” despite the fact that friends of the couple had hinted at a possible reconciliation. The rumor mill claimed though that she was romantically linked to Burt Reynolds around this time.

Tammy And George Divorce

Tammy And George Divorce
Tammy And George Divorce

In 1969, “Mr. and Mrs. Country Music” tied the wedding, and by 1973, Wynette had filed for divorce. They reconciled in the end, and she blamed Jones’ doctor for the reconciliation as part of an effort to convince him to cut back on his drinking.

Many of their fans were upset to hear that they were getting a divorce—their third marriage to end in failure. As a result, they released “We’re Gonna Hold On” and went on to create solo albums and a couple of duets. And despite the difficulties, they tried everything in their power to stay married.

Wynette told PEOPLE in 1975 that she and Jones had broken up after he had failed to appear for a recording session. A fight with his aggravated wife drove him to buy a stretch limo costing around $30,000 before he took off for Florida.

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The Reason Behind George and Tammy’s Divorce

Tammy Wynette and George Jones loved each other deeply, but Jones’ alcoholism was a constant source of tension in their marriage. Wynette reportedly said, “he drinks to such an extent that he gets entirely and absolutely uncontrolled,” as reported by The Washington Post.

That’s when she initially attempted to get a divorce. Shortly after, the pair reconnected, with Wynette admitting that she had only left her husband for a brief time to shock him into sobriety. When things didn’t improve, Wynette filed for divorce again and this time got it.

George Jones Drinking Habits

Songs like “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)” attest to Jones’s legendary relationship with liquor. As a result, his drunken antics remain a topic of conversation. A piece of modern art in Nashville, Tennessee, shows his trip to a liquor store in a lawnmower.


Regrettably, his everyday actions posed a threat. Wynette claimed he chased her around the house while drunk and armed with a rifle, but he denied her claims. A story in Texas Monthly claims that after a particularly violent episode immediately after the birth of his sole child with Wynette, Jones was put in a straight jacket and locked in a padded cell to detoxify.

Reba McEntire, a country music superstar, wrote an autobiography titled “Reba: My Tale,” in which she claimed that everyone has a story to tell. Her enthusiasm for Jones comes out in her storytelling, but his behavior almost ruined the show. She said that he was too drunk to perform at his appointed time without a “girlfriend.”

In 1999, One Year After Tammy Wynette’s Pass

Jones said that his recovery was because of his wife’s encouragement and support. A quote from an interview he gave to Texas Monthly in 1994 reads, “She has been a very great assistance in recovering my life and career and just about everything.” He supposedly stopped drinking permanently after an event in 1999.

Wynette was absent when the unlucky sequence of events occurred. After her first two marriages ended in divorce, she found lasting love in 1978 with her fifth husband. The two were inseparable until her untimely death in 1998. Jones married Nancy in 1983, and she became his widow after his death in 2013.

Relationship Timeline

According to the New York Times, Jones first became acquainted with Wynette and Chapel before he ever met his future wife. In his autobiography “I Lived to Tell It All,” published in 1996, Jones described the moment he first fell in love with Wynette.

Telling the story of the first time Jones told Wynette he loved her is no easy task. After a confrontation with Chapel over an issue involving his girls, Jones and Wynette left his home together, and Wynette eventually married Jones and relocated to Lakeland, Florida in February 1969.

Tamela Georgette Jones was born on October 5, 1970, over a year after her parents began dating. They already had three daughters between them from previous marriages.

Divorce Filing

The divorce was officially filed by “I Don’t Want to Play House” in 1973. She claimed she acted after they made up since it was a strategy Jones’ doctor had proposed as a means to reduce his alcohol consumption.

This would have been their third divorce, and many of their followers and supporters were not happy about it. Therefore, they kept working on their respective solo and duet albums, as well as the release of “We’re’ Gonna Hold On,” and they tried to keep their marriage together.

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