And Just Like That Season 2 Release Date And Trailer Are Finally Here!

In late 2021 and early 2022, Just Like That was a critically acclaimed show that generated widespread buzz. The S*x and the City sequel series brought back Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York to the 1950s.

Many of the concepts and plot issues of And Just Like That were polarizing, much like those in S*x and the City. Now that more footage from Season 2 is out, fans may get excited about the return of Samantha Jones, a fan favorite throughout the first season.

The next 11-episode season will debut on June 22. Aidan’s return to Carrie’s life was featured more prominently in the official season 2 trailer, which premiered on June 1. After Carrie emails her ex-boyfriend, the formerly separated pair reconciles. In addition, it appears like the honeymoon period between Miranda and Che is over.

On April 26th, the first teaser for season two was released. Bowen Yang, Oliver Hudson, Victor Garber, and more make attractive cameo appearances in the videos. The trailer also hinted at Aidan’s sudden return to Carrie’s life.

And just like that, I realized that some things are better left in the past. “Maybe… not everything,” Carrie qualifies. Aidan just walked in the door of her house.

When the HBO Max series premiered in 2018, it was 17 years after the original S*x and the City ended in 2004.  S*x in the City is one of the greatest television shows of all time, and it has become a cultural phenomenon as a result.

And just like that, has become a legend of the small screen. We couldn’t help but ask: what’s the deal with And Just Like That Season 2?

And Just Like That Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date for the first two episodes of Season 2 of And Just Like That is set for June 22, 2023. There will be a new episode every Thursday for the next 9 weeks. After airing on HBO Max, the series will now air on Max. The movie was shot between October 2022 and April 2023. And Just Like That season 2 was scheduled to debut that summer of 2023.


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The second season’s actors had their first table read in September of 2022. “@justlikethatmax Simply this much. At least not at this point. X, SJ,” Sarah Jessica Parker has posted a photo of the pilot episode script to Instagram.

On December 9, 2021, the first two episodes of Season 1 were released. On February 3, 2022, the first episode of Season 1 premiered, and new episodes aired weekly until the series finale.

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