Is Beastars Season 3 Renewed For Netflix?

When Tem’s killer confronts Legoshi in season 2, his life takes a dramatic turn for the worst. But what will happen to Cherryton and the students?

The third season of the anime series is on the way. Below we have mentioned everything we know so far about Beastars Season 3.

The Announcement of the Year

The third season of the popular anime series Beastars has been approved. The show’s creators announced the renewal of their manga-based anime series on their Twitter page.

Studio Orange and Netflix just declared the renewal of season 3.  In a joint effort, Netflix and Studio Orange posted a new Legoshi art piece.

Other figures were depicted in the artwork as well. Sketches by Itagaki were posted on Twitter.

The major news, on the other hand, comes with the somber realization that this will be Beastars’ final season.

Release Date for Beastars Season 3

The release date for the third season of the famous anime series has not yet been announced. According to Netflix‘s release schedule, the first season premiered in March 2020, with the second season following in July 2021.

We may expect the third season to be released in 2022 based on this pattern.

beastars season 3
beastars season 3

The Voice Cast of Beastars Season 3

The new cast and characters haven’t been announced yet, but it’s a safe bet that the original cast will reprise their roles for the third season.

Beastars Season 2 featured the following Japanese and English voice actors:

Legoshi- Chikahiro Kobayashi/ Jonah Scott

Louis- Yuki Ono/ Griffin Pautu

Jack- Junya Enoki/ Ben Diskin

Haru- Sayaka Senbongi/ Lara Jill Miller

Juno- Atsumi Tanezaki/ Lauren Landa

Riz- Hiroshi Shirokuma/ Patrick Seitz

Pina- Yuki Kaji/ Kayleigh McKee

Gouin- Akio Otsuka/ Keith Silverstein

The Plot of Beastars Season 3

A third season of the anime series Beastars is soon to be released. A third season is expected to be based on the manga series, Beastars: Beyond Imagination, which follows the events of the first two seasons of the manga.

On a deserted island, a group of animals fights for survival against each other in order to get back home.

These animals have been fighting for their lives since they were born, and Haru is one of them. Everyone was excitedly anticipating the third season after Season 2 finished with a strange death.

The saga of Tem’s death was wrapped up in Beastars season 2. We’re certain he died, and we know exactly how he died. In spite of this, there are still a number of unsolved plotlines that were left out of the anime.

Even though Beastars has been defeated, their story is far from over.

Trailer of Beastars Season 3

There is no trailer available for Beastars season 3 as of yet. However, if you haven’t watched the trailer for Beastars season 2, you can check it out below.

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