Death in Paradise Season 11: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

Are you looking for the updates on Death in Paradise Season 11? The first look of season 11 is already in. First snaps of the newest cast member, Shanton Jackson as Sergeant Naomi Thomas are out, who feel lucky to be a part of the show. Shanton shared that she is grateful for this incredible opportunity that can allow her to add magic to the story. I used to enjoy this with my father, now he will be watching me that would be a great moment for me, she added.

British–French television series, Death in Paradise is a crime drama which was created by Robert Thorogood. The program was produced by Matthew Bird, Tim Key, Tim Bradley, and Jim Poyser. The center of attraction was the filming location on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. It was broadcasted on several platforms depending upon the geographical area BBC On, France 2 PBS, Britbox, Prime, and ABC. Death in Paradise received a great response from the audience and was admired by the critics as well. This is the main reason for the renewals of the show for 10 seasons. After season 10 ended in February, the fans started speculating for another season. On 7 January only, BBC announced that the two more seasons were recommissioned. With this news the excitement level of fans increased, fortunately, we have an idea of its release. Let’s dig more into the upcoming season.


Death in Paradise Season 11 Release Date

The season has been renewed by the makers, in fact, it was also announced that season 12 will also come in the frame. As both the upcoming seasons were ordered on the release of the 10th installment. However, the release date is not yet revealed but there was confirmation that the production of the show is in progress. Season 11  will air in January 2022 and season 12 will be aired in the following year, the exact dates are kept undisclosed. But there is another special announcement for the fans. There is a Christmas surprise for the fans, as there will be a special episode. Let’s see what it is all about!

What is Christmas Special Announcement? 

This exciting news came because of the occasion of the tenth-anniversary celebration of Death in Paradise. The fans will get a special episode on Christmas this year. The makers of the show and the BBC announced that there will be a surprise release on Christmas. This episode of the show is considered to be the first one of the festival and it will drop in December 2021. So for this episode, we have not to wait much for another dose of excitement. The episode will be of 90-minutes which is expected to be enthralling and packed with drama and actions. We will meet our favorite characters – Danny John and more. All the relationships cliffhangers are expected to be released in the special episode, however, the story will take many turns as season 11 is also approaching so, we are quite excited to see where will the story is going to take us next.

Death in Paradise Season 11 Cast

We know that the season is renewed for the 11th installment, however, there are no words on the complete cast list. But we have some updates which give the clues of the upcoming season’s cast. As per the first clue given by Raff, he tweeted “See you for season 11”, so he will be reprising the role as DI Neville Parker.

Death in Paradise Season 11
Death in Paradise Season 11

We will meet Officer Marlon Pryce as Tahj Miles, DS Florence Cassell as Josephine Jobert, Mayor Catherine Bordey as Elizabeth Bourgine, Commissioner Patterson as Don Warrington. We may also witness two or three new faces in the show. Moreover, we know that Shanton will join the cast in the upcoming season, so, surely, we will get an amazing and phenomenal cast in the next installment. 

Death in Paradise Season 11 plotline 

It is still suspense that what will be the story of this murder mystery drama. But without having the updates, it is still known that we will be getting the roller coaster rides in the upcoming season. Recently BBC shared the synopsis which revealed that season 11 will be involved in more mysterious murders and will be packed with plenty of twists. The show is expected to bring a new and guest star cast as per the statement. Overall, season 11 of Death in Paradise is going to be full of surprises and twisted stories. So we have to wait, to get the answers to all our questions.

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Death in Paradise Season 11 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 11, however, the season is confirmed and it is in development. The season is scheduled to be released in January 2022, so we get the trailer somewhere in the fall of the year. Apart from that, we are also going to get Christmas special episode, so do not forget to explore that special episode, till the season comes in the frame.

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