Genshin Impact Crown Of Sagehood: How to Get Crown of Sagehood

As of 16 November 2020, the new Unrecoiled Stars Event has become available to players. This event is a big hit and players love it for the rewards they get through it. One of the most amazing rewards in this event is Genshin Impact Crown Of Sagehood. It is a valuable Ascension item. This crown allows you to bump up any character’s Talent to level 10 (the final regular rank). 

What is Genshin Impact Crown Of Sagehood?

The Genshin Impact Crown Of Sagehood’s special ability has made it necessary for players who wish to reach success faster. However, one should keep in mind that each character has multiple talents. Hence to upgrade the skills, one will need lots of Crowns of Sagewood. So, keep scrolling to find out how to get this valuable reward multiple times.

How to get the Crown of Sagehood?

Currently, players can get the Genshin Impact Crown Of Sagehood from the Event Store in exchange for Fading Star’s Essence. However, it is quite expensive as you will require as many as 110 Fading Star’s Essence to get a single crown. In comparison, other items cost only 10-12 Essences at max. So you will need to work quite a bit to get your hands on sufficient essences. 

The Crown is also a limited item so you can’t shell out all your Fading Star’s Essence to get lots of them. Each player will have a purchase limit of 3 to 5 Crowns. 

You can get essences by collecting meteorite shards from meteorite remains. You can also complete events like the Unlimited Opportunity, Trouble with letters and A Mysterious Loss to receive a few essences as rewards. 

Another way to get the Crown is by updating the Frost bearing Tree to level 11. To do this, you will need to get your hands on crystalline Crimson Agate’s. To get the agate’s, complete Crimson Wish quests. Alternatively, you can also get a few from the Dragon spine. 

Shortly, you will also be able to get the Crown of Sagehood as a reward for completing missions and through special promotions. 

Keep in mind that the Crown of Sagehood is an event limited item so try to get your hands on as many as possible to get a shortcut to level up your characters. In addition to this, remember first to level up your best characters so that you do not end up with any regrets.

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